Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 10 Pedigreed Cat Breeds

By Langley Cornwell

The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the largest global registry of pedigreed cat breeds, recognizes 42 different breeds. Out of the 42, some breeds seem to make the ‘most popular’ list year after year. Here is a list of pedigreed cat breeds that often top the charts. 


Have you ever seen a photograph of a fluffy, white, longhaired cat lounging in the background of a fancy reading room or formal living room? If so, the cat was probably a Persian. One of the most popular cat breeds, Persians are gorgeous – and photogenic. They have circular, open faces and wide, round, expressive eyes.  Known to be gentle, sweet felines, Persians need to feel secure and comfortable. They are playful and enjoy attention but are not demanding cats. Persians make wonderful pets.


Persians consistently top the list of popular cat breeds. For people who are interested in the attributes of Persian cats but don’t have the time to groom that long, luscious hair, the Exotic is a perfect choice. Exotics are bred to meet the Persian standard in every way except for their fur; the Exotic’s coat is dense, plush and short. Otherwise, their personality and temperament are much like the loveable Persians.

Maine Coon

I’ll admit I cannot objectively write about this breed because we suspect our precious cat has a large dose of Maine Coon. We aren’t sure because he was a rescue, but he looks and acts like this amazing breed. Maine Coons are relaxed, curious and intelligent. They are known for maintaining a kittenish nature throughout their lives which is completely charming. These cats are especially good with children and dogs. A loving, sweet pet, Maine Coons are ideal companion cats.

Cornish Rex

This cat’s appearance doesn’t match up with his behavior, which makes the Cornish Rex such an interesting cat breed. While they look delicate and regal they are, in fact, hearty and fun-loving cats. Extremely people-oriented, Cornish Rex cats like to interact and even play games with their humans. This active breed has been known to fetch small objects and play catch. Cornish Rex is a good choice for people who want an active pet. 


My Aunt and Uncle had a Siamese when I was younger, and that cat always scared me. Those intelligent blue eyes seemed a little too knowing to a kid with an overactive imagination who always got into trouble. Now I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of a Siamese. It’s believed that this breed is the oldest of all cats. This people-loving feline is good if you want a pet in your lap, on your bed, or at your feet most of the time.    


Large and affectionate, Ragdolls are a cat breed that show great interest in their human companions. I’ve never known a Ragdoll personally, but their behavior sounds delightful. Ragdolls are known for running to the door to greet you and following you around; choosing to be in the same room you are most of the time. They have stunning blue eyes and a semi-long, silky coat.       


If you’ve ever seen a hairless cat it was probably a Sphynx. Rare and very popular, they don’t even have whiskers. The lack of hair makes Sphynx cats look more delicate than they are; they’re a robust, sturdy breed with minimal genetic or health issues. Sphynx owners rave over their silly, inquisitive, attention-loving personalities. They get along well in a busy household with multiple humans, dogs and other cats.


Some say Abyssinians bring to mind the images of ancient Egyptian cats because of their elegant, muscular body, striking arched neck, large ears and big eyes. A handsome feline, they have a jungle wildcat look about them. Known as a cat that likes to be with people, Abyssinians are fiercely loyal.

American Shorthair

This breed consistently ranks as one of the ten most popular breeds of cat. Described as low-maintenance, healthy, easy-going and affectionate, the American Shorthair is a terrific family pet. They are a gentle companion with a quiet disposition. They get along well with children and dogs. They live long, carefree lives and only require annual vaccinations, veterinary checkups, quality cat food, love, and plenty of FELIDAE TidNips™ treats.


Large, stocky cats, Birmans have long, light golden hair. Their eyes are blue and almost perfectly round. Ideally, Birmans should have white feet with symmetrical markings. Regarding personality, Birmans have a gentle nature but can be active and quite playful with a willing human companion. If their guardian is busy, however, they can be quiet and unobtrusive.

There are so many sweet and loveable cat breeds. Do you have a favorite?

Top photo: Persian cat by Sandy Schultz
Middle photo: Maine Coon kittens by Barbarella Buchner
Bottom photo: Abyssinian by Brian Demong

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  1. The mom's favourites are the unwanted, unloved, needy cats in shelters, waiting for forever homes. As we were, till we chose her! :-)

  2. We are the same as Fuzzy tales. We love the feral kitties. They are the best because they need homes more than any other cat. They are the hardest along with black cats that it is hard to find a home for. Take care.

  3. We agree with our pals at our pals at Fuzzy Tales and Marg's Pets ... shelter cats are awesome! We *do* get quite a few purebred cats in the mix at our shelter, though.

  4. I love pedigree cats, but it's rescue cats all the way here :) There's nothing like a streetwise moggie to steal your heart :)

  5. Hi Langley,

    Since you have never known a Ragdoll personally, I wish to tell you about our ten-year-old Ragdoll that has lived with us since kittenhood. She is a huge cat, longhaired chocolate mitted coat patterned, weight about 15.50 pounds. She is very communicative with the family, but hides from strangers. She likes to be around us, but she doesn’t like to be touched or held by anyone. She knows how to explain when she needs something like food or water to drink or want us to open her tap to wash herself, she leads us to the door or anywhere she wants something. She is very gentle, rarely pulling out her claw, her coat is soft and tender as silk, and she is patient and quite, She waits for us near the door when we are away from home (Together with our Puddle dog). We love her madly. I hope it helps.


  6. Hi Rachel, I appreciate the description of a Ragdoll, especially from a Ragdoll guardian. Just as I suspected, they must be charming. Yours sounds precious. Thanks for reading. Langley


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