Thursday, June 9, 2011

The World’s Most Expensive Dog Accessories

By Suzanne Alicie

I love my dog, yes I do. But after seeing some of the outrageously expensive doggie accessories available, I know that in comparison my dog probably feels like she lives in the orphanage from Annie! Posh pooches and superstar pocket pets are treated to all kinds of fancy things that most of us normal doggie moms can’t begin to afford. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the world’s most expensive dog accessories. 

A Bed Fit for a King

Forget that old fleece thing in the corner, don’t you know your dog really wants the Louis XV Pet Pavilion. It’s a dog bed styled after an 18th century French Rosewood Commode. Custom built and truly luxurious, the Louis XV will cost you just over $24,000. Then you will have to supply the linens. Wonder if my old flannel “blankie” would look good in it, or would I have to splurge on silk sheets?

Diamond Dog Collar

Rhinestone studded dog collars are one thing, but the Amour Amour consists of 52-carats of real diamonds including 1600 hand set diamonds and a seven-carat center diamond. This fanciful collar can be yours from I Love Dogs Diamonds for a mere $3.2 million dollars. Gee, it’s so reasonably priced, why not? When I consider the way my dog tugs on her leash and scratches with her collar on I have to wonder why anyone would dare to spend that much money on something for a dog to wear? You really couldn’t blame a dog when the collar breaks because it is not a person, it’s a dog! 

Not Your Average Doggie Dish

Why would anyone spend almost $800 on a food dish for their dog? How often have you seen your dog turn up its nose at food because of the dish it comes in? Honestly, when it comes to dog food sometimes I wonder why I even use a bowl – my dog wouldn’t care if I fed her on a paper plate as long as she got her CANIDAE! I doubt she’d even notice a 22K gold leaf Barocco Pet Bowl from Versace unless it was empty and she pushed it across the floor to get my attention. Gorgeous dish, lovely details, but really a waste of design seeing as how it’s for a dog! Of course, if I were to ever get a designer kitchen then I might consider it to complete the look, but still the dog wouldn’t notice!

Super Dog House

Okay, if my dog had a dog house like this I’d live there with her. Heck, for the price of the super dog house I’d HAVE to live there with her. The Super Dog House boasts that it is a palace fit for a pampered pooch. With automated food and water dispensers, a 52” Plasma TV, temperature controlled dog spa and sheepskin lined daybeds your pooch will never need you again. But, with the handy webcams you can monitor his activities and he’ll be protected from intruders with a retina scan device to guard the door. Yes, your dog can live like a king for the low low price of just $410,825 – what a bargain!

The way I see it, if I can’t afford fancy designer dishes, jewels, or hand carved beds for myself, then the dog isn’t getting any of that either. I love her and I’ll be a responsible pet owner making sure she’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but she’ll have to suffer right along with the rest of the family in an average house, with a comfy blankie, lots of love and yummy CANIDAE TidNips™ treats instead of caviar from silver dishes. But I really don’t think she minds.

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  1. If Chancy had the most expensive bed or house available he would not sleep in it most likely unless I slept in there with him. lol Those are some expensive things you mentioned. Wow!!In my opinion people who spend that kind of money on things like that have too much money. Just think what they could do to help homeless dogs and cats if they put their money to better use. Hugs

  2. I think those fancy expensive stuff for the doggies or kitties is so much more for the people than the animals. There is a whole subject on this about how people think of animals in different ways. Good post.

  3. Shopping, to a whole new level. Putting to one side what Mumsy points out, about funneling just crumbs of that $$ to the needy, this is hilarious. Considering what Mumsy points out? I'm thinking Marie Antoinette and let them eat cake. Heads could roll here.

  4. OMG!! Unreal! And there are people who buy these things!

  5. I have to admit, I see these things and I think...hmmmm I should get it! But I then come back to Earth! LOL
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I never understood this. Clearly it is self indulgent, it doesn't do anything for the dog.

    I think that if somebody has all that money, why not get something the dog can appreciate? A big property to run around on. OR something ...

  7. Oh, they look gorgeous!

    But I love mine!
    ~ Eva

  8. Eeek... now a tuna encrusted in diamonds, THAT would be money well spent!

  9. I think these days people are willing to spend a huge sum for their pets.


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