Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do You Have a Finicky Pet or a Foodie?

By Julia Williams

When it comes to their attitude towards food, dogs and cats typically fall into one of two categories – foodie or finicky. A foodie pet will wolf down their food every day like they haven’t eaten anything in weeks, while a finicky pet eats well today but may or may not eat well tomorrow, even when offered the same food they normally love. A foodie rarely presents a problem for a pet owner, but having a finicky pet can certainly be frustrating. After all, a responsible pet owner does a lot of research before deciding which food to buy, and they obviously want their pet to like the food.

I feel lucky that my cats have all been foodies. For one thing, I get to smile every day at their over-the-top antics when it’s time for their breakfast, dinner or TidNips treats. It’s always the same – copious leg rubbing, prancing, pacing, and meowing with a volume level that could wake the dead. There’s no question that they love their food. I’m happy that I can feed them a high quality cat food like FELIDAE and they will scarf up every last morsel day after day, year after year. 

Another advantage of having a foodie pet is that it’s an immediate clue when they aren’t feeling well. This happened to me recently with Rocky, who I’m convinced loves food more than any cat on the planet. When he didn’t want to eat one day, I knew there was a problem, and off to the vet we went. Thanks to modern medicine he’s fine now, but if he wasn’t a foodie, it wouldn’t have been nearly as easy for me to know he had a problem. Cats are masters at hiding illness, but even a diehard foodie like Rocky will lose his appetite if he’s not feeling well.

Until I met my friend’s cat, Taffy, I always believed that picky eaters weren’t born that way but rather, were a product of owners who cater to their pet’s every food whim. I’ve read countless times that “the pet will eat when it gets hungry,” and to just keep offering the same food. I suppose that might work for some pets but it’s a dangerous tactic because, as my vet explained on Rocky’s visit, not eating for just three days can cause serious health issues. My friend’s cat is a picky eater, but it has nothing to do with the food. This cat doesn’t really love any food no matter what brand or flavor it is, nor whether it’s canned or kibble. Oh, she will eat, but not voraciously and not consistently. In the end, my friend decided to stick with FELIDAE cat food because she knows it’s good for Taffy, and she rotates the different formulas.

Feeding your dog or cat is a lot easier when you have a foodie. But if you have a finicky feline or a picky pooch, the best thing to do is what my friend does – decide on a brand, and try different formulas. You can also mix it up by alternating between canned and kibble. FELIDAE has five different formulas for cats, including two awesome grain free varieties which are my favorites – and Rocky’s too! CANIDAE has ten formulas for dogs, including four grain free and a new Single Grain Protein Plus formula that I hear is “woof-worthy!” With all of those options, you’re sure to find something that your pet will love.

Top photo by Martymadrid
Bottom photo by David Kessler

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  1. I have two foodies and 15 finicky eaters here. You just never know what they are going to like something. One day they really like one thing and the next day, they won't touch it. But I think all cats are like that, Now the doggies will eat most anything I put in their dish.

  2. Sammy and Moosey are definitely foodies. We have to feed them in separate rooms. If we don't, it's a race to see who can finish first. And of course, whoever finishes first then wants to "help" the one still eating. ;)

  3. meowmeowmans, your comment about "helping" made me laugh. I feed my three together but I usually stand guard until they have all finished, because if I didn't they would try to "help" the others too.

  4. Our household is split with half and half. With the finicky eaters, since they may or may not eat breakfast, I know something is wrong if they miss dinner. The foodies are fun because they are always dancing for their meals and it is always a treat to feed them. :)

  5. 24 Paws, I agree -- it is really fun to feed the foodies because they get so excited.

  6. Marg -- that's a lot of finicky eaters!

  7. my first cat, Bobo, was a HUGE foodie (90% of the time), Cody is FOODIE all the way. He would eat ANYTHING if I put it in his bowl and he eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING off of the floor as well. Dakota is also a foodie, I would much rather have foodie than finicky but I would love them both!

  8. Hamlet would like me to mention that when there's ham, he's gonna be there!!


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