Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Dog Breeds of All Sizes

By Suzanne Alicie

Have you ever noticed that when someone sees a small white dog they typically say “Oh what a cute Poodle” or when they see a large white dog they think of a Husky or a Samoyed? I am a big fan of white dogs and I don’t expect people to always know exactly what breed a dog is – but there are a lot more white dogs than just Poodles and Huskies.

Small White Dogs

Some of the small white dogs you may confuse with a poodle are the Bichon Frise and the Bichon Bolognese. Both of these dogs have curly white hair, but their facial structure and compact body are quite different from a poodle.

One of my favorite small white dog breeds is the Coton de Tulear; it looks like a small white Sheepdog and definitely can’t be confused with a Poodle. The Lowchen and the Maltese can also be white but their straight fur makes them stand out among the crowd of Poodle-resembling small white dogs.

Medium White Dogs

The American Eskimo dog breed has a miniature and toy designation that separates them from being grouped in with Huskies and Samoyeds, but their beautiful white coat is straight and they have a less solid and “chesty” shape than their larger counterparts. Eskies, as they are affectionately known, are like dainty versions of snow dogs.

A soft coated Wheaten Terrier may be mistaken for a Standard Poodle, but once you see the face you’ll know that despite the poufy white curls that he is definitely not a Poodle. You may want to hug and squeeze him even more after you see that face, but you’ll know it’s not just a fat Poodle.

Large White Dogs

Oh, now we are in my favorite group of dogs. I like big dogs and I really like big white dogs! At the top of the list is the gorgeous Samoyed. Definitely not a Husky, and not a Poodle either. The Samoyed is a snow dog, but it is very family oriented and has a shorter stance than a Husky or typical sled dog, almost putting it into the medium sized category. Another dog that is often mistaken for a Husky is the Akita; with the broad chest and similar stance, the Akita would be well equipped to be a sled dog. The Central Asian Shepherd is a white dog with a short coat. He has the stocky build of a Husky but looks entirely different.

I know that most people just fall in love with a certain type of dog, much like I have with Samoyeds, or they like a certain size of dog and yes, even the color can make a difference. No matter what breed you choose, it’s important to learn as much about that specific breed as you can before you add one to your household. Big dogs aren’t always aggressive, and small dogs aren’t always nervous and yappy. But to be a responsible pet owner you don’t want to shop for a dog with only the information that you want a “medium white dog.” That could get you a dog that is completely incompatible with your family. Regardless of what breed you end up with, CANIDAE has a wide selection of premium-quality dog food and treats that will keep him healthy and happy.

Top photo: Bichon Frise by Jenn and Tony Bot

Middle photo:
American Eskimo by Robert Southworth

Bottom photo: Samoyed by Tundra Ice

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  1. OMC - this is my mother. She is clueless about dogs - they had a Shiba Inu and if that confused people she would tell them he was like a "miniture husky". WRONG!!! Let's see - cockers are "buffy dogs" and don't get me started..... nice to know it isn't just her. MOL

  2. Thanks, Suzanne, for such an informative article. :)

  3. Don't forget about the Great Pyrenese... we just lost ours but what a good dog she was. Our neighbours and in fact the whole community here was sad when she died.. We even got some sympathy cards.. She was gentle with children and loved to see any child. She was good with our two terriers..who grieved when she died. We have a big hole in our heart..

  4. I was hoping you would mention the Coton de Tulear. :D They come in white, white and black, and tri-color. I have a tri-color. She is a sweet and funny dog.

    You should give a shout out to types of black dogs next.

  5. Great information about the white dog breeds. Are the white dogs ever deaf?? I have seen several Aussies that had white heads that were deaf. They are pretty dogs but I bet they are hard to keep clean. Those Great Pyrenese are fabulous dogs. I have never had one but know a couple of them.


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