Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Canidae Large Breed Dog Food – It's a Big Deal!

The sponsor of this blog, Canidae Natural Pet Foods, announced its new Large Breed formulas for adults and puppies just last month. They report that the response from both large breed pet owners and retailers across the country has been tremendous. In fact, Frank Hon, the company's Vice President of Global Sales (and large breed dog owner) said, "It may be the most successful new formula we have ever launched!"

What is all the fuss about? Well, there are several things that make Canidae's new large breed formulas different from anything else out there – features that really hit home for large breed dog owners. Let's take a look.

First, the Canidae Large Breed dry formula for adults and Large Breed dry formula for puppies both feature delicious duck meal. What's so special about that? Duck has higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids compared to chicken alone. (Chicken is the primary protein in most other large breed formulas on the market.) These high levels of Omega 3 play an important role in reducing inflammation within the body, including within the joints. Good joint health is very important when it comes to these large breeds.

These formulas also contain yummy lentils! Lentils are a great non-grain source of carbs which help satisfy the big appetites of large breeds who sometimes want to eat too much. Lentils are so satisfying because they are low-glycemic, releasing energy into your dog's body more slowly than some other ingredients. This "slower release" helps to satiate big appetites and provide healthy all-day energy.

Proper weight control is important for large breed dogs, which is why Canidae made their formulas with low protein and fat levels. This helps large breeds achieve and maintain optimal weight and appropriate growth.

But Canidae didn't stop there.

These new foods also have the right calcium and phosphorous levels, along with vital amino acids from duck meal, to support the ideal development of bones and joints – especially critical for large breed puppies.

What about glucosamine and chondroitin? These are important for adult large breed dogs' joint health, which is why Canidae included high levels of both in its adult formula.

Have you ever heard of L-Carnitine? Canidae includes that too, because it helps large breed dogs burn fat for energy. Combined with the great amino acid profile found in duck meal, these formulas help build fit and lean muscles.

Did you know large breed puppies have special nutritional needs when it comes to cognitive development? It's been shown that DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) – which is a special type of Omega 3 – when present in the diet of large breed puppies helps them develop key cognitive capabilities, getting them off to the right start in life. It's brain food!

And of course, like all of Canidae's dry foods, these new Canidae Life Stages Large Breed formulas have HealthPLUS Solutions in Every Bite™ – a powerful trio of nutrition Canidae adds to every kibble after cooking to ensure potency. This trio includes: Probiotics (like those found in some yogurts) for healthy digestion, antioxidants for a healthy immune system, and of course Omega 6 and 3 for a beautiful skin and coat.

Canidae also created matching canned formulas to go with these great dry foods which feature chicken, duck, lentils and brown rice.

Several of the Canidae office staff have large breed dogs, including a couple of beautiful adult Bernese Mountain Dogs who love getting the dry formula for breakfast and dinner, with a can of the wet food for a mid-day snack!

Most Canidae retailers across the U.S. and Canada are receiving their first deliveries now, so be sure to ask your local retailer for yours today.

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  1. I'd love to see Canidae make their healthy dog foods with alternative protein sources for dogs with allergies. Yes, there's grain free, but they contain potato, which is also a common allergen. Why not sweet potato,garbanzo beans, etc? Canidae lamb and rice is the only dog food I can even consider for my dog because every other brand has chicken fat, potatoes, fish meal or fish oil (yes, she's allergic to fish, too), but lamb is a fatty meat and over time can cause gastrointestinal issues. Could we see venison, elk, maybe even rabbit? But please leave out all the other stuff mentioned! One company does have rabbit formula, but it has potato. Most others include potato, fish, and always poultry fat, even healthy treats! I'm willing to pay more, and these I mentioned are very costly, so why add the awful stuff? But Canidae lamb and rice has stayed away from that so far (though I read the label every time, you never know when change will happen) so we'll stick with it till you introduce an alternative. Thanks for listening!


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