Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rocket’s K-9 Comets Frisbee Dog Stars

Rocket Hoskins has the title of World Frisbee Champion and is a six time National Frisbee Champion (in people Frisbee), as well as being the original California State Frisbee Golf Champion, among his many credentials. He is the expert trainer of Rocket’s K-9 Comets Frisbee Dog Stars, and he has been the charismatic and dynamic human star of the show since 1982.

Rocket’s wife Ashley is the canine coordinator and commentator for the show. Together with their four legged family members and teammates, they travel the country doing performances at State and County Fairs, NFL and NBA halftime shows, and corporate and special events. They have been featured in countless newspaper articles as well as on TV shows including the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, ESPN and Animal Planet.

Back in 1998, Rocket and Ashley met Scott Whipple, one of the owners of CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company, when Scott was personally handing out free samples of their dog food at the Jurupa Rodeo not far from where the CANIDAE Corporate offices are today. Rocket’s K-9 Comets were doing the half time entertainment for the enthusiastic crowd at the Rodeo. Scott saw how amazing the Frisbee Dogs were, and how much the crowd loved the show. Soon after, CANIDAE became the Official Dog Food of the K-9 Comets, and has been their sponsor for over 14 years.

Rocket and Ashley are so proud to be associated with CANIDAE, for so many reasons.  The quality of the food is unsurpassed, and it is the main reason why all the K-9 Comets are happy, healthy, spectacular canine athletes. Everyone comments on how soft and shiny their coats are, and what great shape they are in.

Of course, getting lots of exercise by playing Frisbee helps keep them in shape, but it’s the superior quality nutrition they get from CANIDAE All Life Stages that gives them the energy and stamina to do three Frisbee Shows a day! Rocket and Ashley believe that CANIDAE keeps their dogs so healthy that their dogs have only needed to see the veterinarian for their Healthy Pet Exam and vaccinations.

Over the years, many different dogs and breeds have been featured on the K-9 Comets team. Rocket prefers the herding and hunting breeds, and uses their natural instincts and transfers that to the Frisbee. The breeds on the team right now are a Black Lab, “Jenny the Jenergizer”; two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, “Wild Woody” and “Rowdy Chowder”; a rescued Golden Retriever mix, “Leapin’ Lucky”; (hunting breeds) as well as a Catahoula Leopard Dog, “Speedy Cheetah the Catdog”; a newly adopted 3 year old Border Collie, “Big Air Sierra” and a couple of Australian Cattle Dog pups in training, “Flippin Krypto” and “Zippy Ripley”(herding breeds).

One of the dogs on the original CANIDAE team in the 1990s was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named “Crazy Daisy,” and it is her silhouette that is featured prominently on the CANIDAE logo and every bag of CANIDAE Dog Food.  The two Cheses currently on the team are her son and grandson.  Daisy was, and all the K-9 Comets have always been “Crazy for CANIDAE!”


  1. WOW!!! THAT would be so fun to Watch!! WE love Frisbee / DISCUS playin .

  2. Those Frisbee dogs are so good. I love watching them. Take care.


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