Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet the Latest RPO Winner - Sadie of Beaded Tail Fame!

The sponsor of this blog, CANIDAE Natural Pet Foods, selects one reader every three months to receive a free six month supply of their premium quality pet food. The winner is chosen at random from every new reader who subscribed to the blog via email during the past quarter. The winner gets to pick any formula of CANIDAE dog food or FELIDAE cat food.

The lucky winner from last quarter is Sharla V. of Corvallis, Oregon. Sharla has a beautiful Alaskan Husky named Sadie who will be 11 years old in December. Sharla also has two cats, but has decided that Sadie should be the one to try the CANIDAE food, and has chosen to receive 3 bags of All Life Stages (ALS) and 3 Bags of CANIDAE Beef and Fish.

Some of you may recognize the dog in these photos. That’s because Sadie is often featured on Sharla’s wonderful pet blog called Beaded Tail! I asked Sharla to tell us a little about Sadie, and here is what she said:

“Sadie was rescued by the humane society from a puppy mill in Nebraska when she was just a month old, along with 40 adult dogs and 6 litters of puppies. When my mom heard about these dogs, she went straight to the humane society and put our names on the list of people who wanted to adopt. When the courts finally said the huskies could be adopted, the humane society had raided a Yorkie puppy mill so the huskies were being sent to other shelters to make room. Only two husky puppies stayed behind; one went to a shelter employee and we got Sadie!  

We lived in Colorado at the time, and Sadie loved to play in the snow in the winter and hike in the mountains in the summer. Now we live in the Pacific Northwest and she's traveled all over the area enjoying hikes through the forests and to waterfalls and her favorite, the coast! We rarely get snow here but when we do Sadie likes to go out and play catch with snowballs! Her life is so far removed from how she lived for that first month but she still won't let strangers just reach out and pet her, and she squeals like crazy if a lady with long blond hair tries to get near her. We don't know why she does this, but luckily I'm not blond!  

Sadie is a Momma's girl and follows me all over the house. I can't go anywhere without my shadow coming with me!  I have conversations with her all the time, and I know she understands what I'm saying because of the way she reacts. Sadie is a big sisfur to two kitties, Angel and Isabella. She had kitty sisfurs when she was little, but they were always afraid of her and ran away when she got too close. Angel and Isabella have no fear of her whatsoever and that confuses her! They come right up to Sadie to sniff her or walk by so close they flick their tails in her face. She's very patient with them and just watches them go by. She and Angel are really good buddies. Angel will flop down right in front of her trying to play, but I always break that up since I don't want Sadie pouncing on her by accident! 

As Sadie is getting older, we've been trying out different food for her to try to keep her healthy. Her bloodwork indicates she has Cushings Disease, although the specific tests for it have not been done since the medication used for treatment would make her sicker than without it. We make sure she gets exercise and remains happy, and we're grateful for the opportunity to have her try CANIDAE pet food!”

Congratulations to Sharla and Sadie on winning six months of premium quality CANIDAE dog food. We can’t wait to hear what Sadie thinks of her new food!


  1. Sadie!!!! congrats to our sweet furiend - we all love Sadie and enjoy our SadieDay strolls. She also has a great smile:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Congratulations, Sharla and Sadie! Sadie should love it ... my dogs all do! Sharla, you will love it too, there is less waste ... and in the long run, you need less of the food. It is absorbed in their systems and utilized much more efficiently. Congrats again ;D

  3. That is terrific. Sadie is one of our very favorite blogs. We love to go strolling with Sadie.And Angel and Isabella are the best. Congrats big time to you Sadie We are so glad that you won.

  4. So very happy for Sadie and Sharla. That is a good prize!!
    xx, Fern & now Zoie

  5. I asked about the Neem thingy.. beclaws one of my furends... the Road Dogs... had put up a post about it... they had never heard of it and wanted to know what everybuddy thought of it. THANKS!!!

  6. Doggone huge congratulations! The Canidae foods are so so so great - cured my kitty allergies!

  7. Thank you so much for the yummy food and for this wonderful post! I really appreciate it! Thanks to all the kind words said in the comments above too!


  8. Congratulations to Sadie!! We love going for strolls with Sadie on "Sadie-Day" (Saturday)!!

  9. Wow! That's so awesome! Congratulations to Sadie and Sharla! ♥

  10. Congratulations to Sadie and Sharla! :)


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