Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Canine Care for Responsible Pet Owners

By Suzanne Alicie

Your canine friend is probably looking forward to warmer days as much as you are. He’s eager for longer walks and romping in the yard, visits to the dog park and the great outdoors. However, now that spring has arrived, there are some matters of canine care you should undertake as a responsible pet owner.

A vet checkup in the spring is always a good idea. You will get a general overview of your dog’s health and can also make sure he’s up to date on all his shots. By aligning these visits with the changing of the season, you are making it a routine that you will remember to keep up with.

Check your dog’s toys, leash, collar, harness and other equipment for signs of wear and tear. All of these things can present a danger to your dog when they break. Whether that means a loose dog running around the neighborhood or a choking hazard from a destroyed toy, either one is a problem for you and your pet. Make sure that everything is in good condition.

Give your dog a bath and apply a flea and tick treatment before you begin romping in the yard with him. A flea infestation is not only uncomfortable for your dog and possibly dangerous for his health, it will also affect your home and family. Ticks are also dangerous and carry diseases. It’s best to prevent them ahead of time using a powder, time released treatment or a spray to keep them away from your dog.

A dog’s claws can get long and unruly when they are kept indoors. To prevent torn or bent nails and sore feet, you may want to provide a doggie pedicure before you go outside to play. (See How to Give Your Pooch a Pedicure for more information).

Spring is a good time to resume your dog’s regular outdoor exercise routine. Be sure to stock up on healthy pet treats like CANIDAE TidNips™ to bring along on those invigorating visits to the dog park.

As the weather warms up and your dog is more active, you will need to provide plenty of cool water for him whether he is indoors or out. All that playing and running will make him tired, hungry and thirsty. There’s nothing like a dog sprawled out in the middle of the living room after a hard day of play. Some dogs can also get sunburn on their noses or if they have really short thin hair. Sunscreen is generally safe for dogs, although you want to avoid putting it on areas they can lick unless you choose a nontoxic, organic sunscreen product.

Taking these precautions now will help you and your dog enjoy a happy and healthy spring and summer outdoors. Remember, prevention is the best medicine. Make sure you provide all the preparation and necessities to keep your dog healthy through the heat of the summer.

Photo by Lindsey Higgins

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  1. All EXCELLENT advice. I am gonna look at the Pawdicure info... Not my favorite thingy to have done. hehehe THANKS

  2. I can't wait to give these two dogs baths. I can't wash them in the house cause they would totally stop up the drains. Good post with lots of great idea. Take care.

  3. this is some great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great advice. Thanks for sharing.
    I just gave Mika and Eva a bath this afternoon and Frontline Combo will be applied on them two days later.

  5. Great post! Spring is the perfect time to sure everything is up-to-date for spring and summer. :)

  6. Canines are most vulnerable when the weather is hot. Thanks for your generosity listing these tips.


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