Friday, May 8, 2009

I Found the Perfect Dog Biscuits!

By Ruthie Bently

Finding a healthy biscuit that your dog loves can be hard to do, not because there is a lack of dog biscuits on the market, but I have to be calorie conscious as Skye’s caregiver. Those of us who live with dogs that need to lose weight live with a quandary; how do we provide our dogs with a treat without adding to their weight, especially if they need to lose weight to start with?

I found the perfect dog biscuits to fit the bill. CANIDAE® Snap Bits and Snap-Biscuits. Skye is very intelligent and knows her commands, but she still likes to be bribed to do things better. I actually walk around with a “Bickie” (biscuit) bottle in my pocket, and when I want to get Skye’s attention I will take it out of my pocket and shake it so the biscuits in the bottle rattle and make noise. It doesn’t matter where Skye is, she will come running when she hears the sound.

The Snap-Bits are great for my bottle and they come in three different flavors (Original Chicken, Turkey and Rice; Lamb and Rice; and Platinum), so Skye will never get bored. They are made with all natural ingredients, fruits and herbs, and Skye likes all three flavors. Not only that, their calorie count is very low and ranges from 5.79 calories for the Original and Lamb and Rice to 5.44 calories for the Platinum. Snap-Bits come in little bite-sized pieces, perfect when you just want to give your dog a little treat. This picture is roughly the actual size of the Snap-Bits.

The Snap-Bits are available in 8 ounce and 1 pound boxes in all three varieties. I use the Snap-Biscuits at bedtime or when I need to kennel Skye because I can’t take her with me. They are made of the same all natural ingredients as the Snap-Bits, and Skye loves them as well. The Snap-Biscuits also come in the same three varieties that the Snap-Bits come in, and are scored for easy breaking. They can be broken into four separate biscuits, which is great if you want to treat your dog, but not add lots of calories to their diet. The calorie count for the Snap-Biscuits is very low also and ranges from 32.5 for one “snap” to 130 calories for both the Original and Lamb and Rice varieties; and 31.5 for one “snap” to 126 calories for the Platinum version. Snap-Biscuits are available in three sizes: 1 pound, 4 pounds and 12 pound boxes.

When researching Snap-Bits and Snap-Biscuits on the CANIDAE website, I found out something that is not on the packaging I got, but no less important to me personally. Both varieties of dog biscuits are produced in a plant that uses 100% wind generated electricity. I like doing business with a company that is forward thinking in their use of energy, and that will keep me coming back for more.

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