Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CANIDAE Unveils Innovative New Pet Food Bag

By Ruthie Bently

CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods has done it again. This picture is of the newest pet food bag innovation to hit the market in years. CANIDAE’s 30 pound and larger bags of all natural dog food now come with Velcro® closures!

There’s no need to try and roll the bag closed and worry about it coming open when you take it out of the storage bin. I used to feed a food that had a zipper closure, and it always made me crazy; if you got a bit of food in the zipper it would not close properly. Sometimes the glue holding the zipper on the bag would give way so there would be a hole between the bag and the zipper, and I would worry about who was feeding the dog next, in case they picked up the bag the wrong way and half of it spilled out.

The driving force behind the bag change is customer feedback. This new bag helps keep out contaminants, prevents spillage accidents and keeps the food fresher for a longer period of time. These bags are so great, because the seal is going to be usable time and time again. You can open and close the bags numerous times, and it will always seal again and stay sealed because of the Velcro.

I actually got to try out the Velcro closure on an empty sample of the new bag design and I can’t wait for Skye’s CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages to run out so I can go get one of my own. I love this bag, when you close it, it stays closed. I even tried to put weight in the bag (from the bottom) and started shaking the bag to try and make the Velcro closure fail, and I wasn’t using kibble. I put rocks from my rock garden in the bag, and started shaking! Poor Skye must have thought I had gone crazy, she thought she was getting a dog food snack in the middle of the day. Imagine her surprise when I poured out the rocks; her face said it all.

Look for the new Velcro closures on the CANIDAE All Life Stages 35 pound and 44 pound “Big Bag” and on the 30 pound bags of the other CANIDAE dog foods. What a wonderful difference it will make for those of us who purchase our CANIDAE in the larger bags!

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