Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let’s Have a Birthday “Pawty” for Fido!

By Lisa Mason

Most pet parents are as proud of their four-legged kids as other parents are of their human offspring. Why shouldn’t a dog owner throw their little fur bundle of joy a huge birthday bash, complete with all of the finery that other birthday boys and girls get? There is no reason, and the idea of a dog’s birthday party is starting to become quite popular.

Your dog’s birthday “pawty” can be as small or as elaborate as you would like. If the birthday party is to be a small affair of just family members, it can be accomplished quite easily. Remember that your canine birthday boy or girl can’t eat a traditional birthday cake with all of that sugary frosting. You can easily find recipes online to make your pup a special cake, and there are also bakeries that specialize in dog-safe baked goods.

Wait to offer the birthday cake until after your dog has eaten her regular food. If you can convince your family, spread a blanket on the floor and have everyone sit in a circle. You will have no trouble getting your birthday dog to crowd into the center. You can sing Happy Birthday and then let each family member hand feed your dog a piece of his birthday cake. Your dog will be thrilled with all of the attention!

Inviting Guests

If you plan to invite guests to the birthday celebration, some dog bakeries have a party planner on staff that can handle the entire affair for you, but it may be out of your budget. You can still throw a wonderful birthday “pawty” for your dog and all his canine friends without breaking your budget.

It’s a sure bet that you have pictures of the dog on your computer. Use a photo to make simple invitations and send them to all of his canine pals. Don’t forget to mention whether or not you will be accepting gifts. It is a good idea to either say, “No gift is necessary” or “If you’d like to bring a gift, Fido prefers CANIDAE food and treats.”

Fun Dog Birthday Party Games

Keep Fido’s birthday party guests entertained with some doggie safe games. If you are holding the event in your yard, and it is going to be hot, purchase a small wading pool for the dogs to play in. Be sure to mention that you will be having a “swim party” on the invitation so that the dog owners are prepared to transport a wet dog after the party.

Buy enough Frisbees or balls for each doggie guest. The dogs and their owners will enjoy a game of fetch and you can even keep score as to who catches the most Frisbees or balls. Use the Frisbees or balls as party favors and let each dog guest take them home.

If there will be young two-leggers at the party, why not provide a fun game with a canine theme – such as “Pin the tail on the doggie.” You could also get the kids and dogs playing together in a game of tug of war, hide-and-seek or red light/green light, or dancing together to upbeat music.


Again, be sure to serve only dog safe cake and doggie yogurt. Tell the dog’s owners that the cake has been made with a dog safe recipe or purchased at a dog bakery. It will ease their mind about letting their fur kid dig into all that sweet looking goodness. Also, offer bowls of water for each individual dog to drink, as all the action is sure to make them thirsty.

Don’t forget to serve the human party guests a piece of “people cake.” When you serve the cake to the dogs and the people, set out a wash pail of water and a stack of clean washcloths and towels. A long haired dog can really make a mess diving into cake and ice cream. Your human guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Top photo by Sheri Terris
Middle Photo by Andy M¢
Bottom photo by Tony Crescibene

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