Friday, May 10, 2013

A Cat’s Mother's Day Letter to “Mom”

By Rocky Williams, feline guest blogger

Dear Mom,

I’ve heard people talking about a special day that was created to honor all Moms. What a great idea! But Momma, I’ve also heard that many human beans don’t think you should be honored on Mother’s Day because you “only” have cats which means “you’re not a real Mom.” Rubbish, I say!

When you rescued me and took me home, I was just a wee lad who fit into the palm of your hand. I don’t remember my other mother, but I do remember the loving care I got from you. Without your “mothering,” I daresay I wouldn’t have survived. You nurtured me and helped me grow into the beautiful cat I am today.

You’ve been my only mother for ten years, and you would never abandon me. Ever. And I know you’d move heaven and earth to make sure I am healthy and happy, for all of my life. Momma, isn’t that the heart and soul of what it means to be a mother?

There are so many things I love and appreciate about you, Momma. For starters, I love that you will sit on half a chair (or less) so as not to disturb me. Some beans would chase their kitty off the chair in order to sit in comfort, but that’s not how you roll! You let your legs fall asleep if I’m curled up on them, and you let me stay on your lap long after you really, really want – or need – to get up. (Sometimes I laugh when I see you frantically racing to your litterbox because, not wanting to disturb me, you’ve waited too long).

Momma, I know I am a lot naughtier than most felines, but I love that you never say “Why can’t you be like other cats?” You accept that being mischievous is who I am, and you don’t try to change me. It’s like that fable of the scorpion who convinces the frog to carry him across the river, promising not to sting him because then they’d both drown. But midway across, the scorpion does sting the frog, who cries “Why’d you sting me?” and the scorpion says “It’s my nature.” You know I can’t help being naughty any more than that scorpion could help stinging the frog, and it doesn’t make you love me any less.

Despite my naughty nature, I’ve only seen you get really mad at me a handful of times. Most of the time you just laugh. Like that time you caught me standing on my hind legs on your coffee machine to reach the bag of FELIDAE cat food on the top shelf of the cupboard. I thought you were going to have a coronary that day!

When you’ve removed me from the kitchen counter for the thousandth time in one day, I can tell that your patience is wearing thin. But you know it doesn’t do any good to punish me or scold me. I’m going to keep doing it no matter what, because I’m on the Seafood Diet – I see food and I need to try to eat it.

When you caught me stealing your piece of bacon, you just shrugged. I swear I heard you say “It’s only bacon.” You didn’t yell at me like other bean’s might. I think it’s because as much as you love your bacon (a whole lot!), you love me even more. And you know that when it comes to food, I just can’t help myself.

Momma, I love you because the one time you got scorching mad at me and yelled awful words, you came back later and apologized. Some would say that was a silly thing to do. It’s just a cat, they’d say. It doesn’t matter, they’d say; he doesn’t understand you anyway. But Momma, I do understand. I may not know every word you use, but I know by your tender tone. I know by the gentle caress of your hand on my back. A lesser bean would think it wasn’t necessary to say you’re sorry to a cat.

I think I am the luckiest cat alive.

Happy Mother’s Day with love,


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  1. Aw, that's super sweet. Hope the doggies get me a little something for Mother's Day!

  2. Big Bad Baby Twinkle smiiiles and sez :"I LUBBB My Meowmie becuz she lubbs ME!! And yes, sometimes at night I leave her a postage-stamp sized part of her bed to lie on but she always thanks me <;-)

  3. That's a wonderful letter to your human caretaker, Rocky. You've certainly hit the nail on the head with what it means to be a mother, we think! Well done. :-)

    We wish your human a wonderful, happy Mother's Day!

  4. That is such a good post and oh so true. We certainly agree with you. Our Person is such a good Mom. She is always attending to us and if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have a home. Happy Mother's Day

  5. That is such a beautiful letter and it sure made my heart smile!

  6. I loved every word. I read this two times and that is how I feel about MY momma and about all the kitty mommies and daddies out there. This made my momma's eyes a little bit leaky but only in appreciation and understanding. I so wish that every cat family in the CB could read this. It is perfection.

  7. Rocky, you makes mine mommy has happy tears. Me sure is glad you writes this, acause this just how me feels too!
    Happy Moms' day to your mom, her deserve a day.
    Your furend, TK

  8. Oh Rocky you Beautiful kitteh, dat waz such beautiful letter ^.,^ You certainly haz a way wif wurdz! We couldn't have said it better owrselvez. So we hope your mommeh & All kitteh mommehz have a Happy Mother'z Day! ^.,^

  9. I am so happy those kitty mommy's came to see this wonderful letter. If I could I would post it all over the place. These are our fur babies, our toddlers in perpetuity. Beloved, and we are just as beloved in return.

  10. Aw, the Human loved this letter and if she wants to believe that *I* could have written a letter like this....well, I guess I'll let her think so. After all, it *is* Mother's Day!

  11. We love your spirit, Rocky, and we agree that you should just be who you are, despite what humans might consider as being "naughty." Your human mom is very special and we are so happy that you have such a wonderful furever home.

  12. My mom sounds just like your's. I'm too big to lie on her lap, but she still lets me. And she's does a good job cuddling, too. Not sure what she'd say if I STOLE her bacon, though. She might share some, if I'm good, but I have to jump through hoops to get a tiny bite. Maybe I should write her a nice letter like you did to your mamma, Rocky. You're pretty smart...for a cat! BOL


  13. What a sweet note. If you notice I don't call TW Mom cos she's not my cat Mom but I do give her Mother's Day gifts. I even let her hug me in bed this a.m.

  14. Aw, Rocky, that was so, so sweet! You made us get all leaky eyed in a good way. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom Julia, and to moms everywhere.

  15. That was a lovely letter to mom, Rocky. I am having to type this as mum's got all leaky eyed!!!! She's a bit soft! mol love, Austin xx

  16. We really adored this post of yours, Rocky. We agree with Katie, it is perfection. (That must have been some sight seeing you on the coffee maker, yikes!)


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