Friday, March 29, 2013

PURRfect Movies and TV Shows for Cats

By Rocky Williams, feline guest blogger

When a certain couch potato canine wrote recently of his preferred TV shows, I was naturally curious why he left out the ones we kitties enjoy. Well, more miffed really, because everyone knows cats do not like to be left out of anything. Ever! But my Warden said “Rocky, don’t get your fluffy tail in a twist. You can make your own list any time you feel like it.” Yes, but that involves work, something we cats avoid like the plague.

Ah well…I really needed a list of the movies and TV shows cats would dig, because I’m feeling all sloth-like lately, and what better way to be lazy than to watch TV all day? (They don’t call it the Boob Tube for nothing!) So I put paws to keyboard and came up with some cat-approved programs. When I ran out of my own ideas, I plagiarized other cats,  I mean, I asked my cat friends on Facebook for suggestions, and they were happy to share.

So kitties, send your Warden out for a big bag of those catabulous FELIDAE TidNips treats to munch on while you watch these shows, and you’ll be all set.

Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell is a show every feline needs to watch. Just be sure to watch with your Warden, because I guarantee you that anything naughty YOU have ever done will pale in comparison to the Demon Katz on this show. Technically, these bad kitties are just misunderstood, and once they have their stupid hoomin trained, it all ends well. In any event, your Warden is bound to appreciate your angelic self after watching this show.

I like to watch The Little Mermaid movie, but for some reason it always makes me hungry. I think it’s because I can’t stop fantasizing about how many great seafood meals her ginormous tail would make. There would be enough stinky fishy goodness for every cat in town!

Finding Nemo is another obvious choice for seafood loving kitties. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie, The Birds, is also highly entertaining.

I like the movie Shrek but only the parts with Puss in Boots… a cat who wears cool boots, carries a sword and walks with a swagger? C’mon, who wouldn’t dig this dude?

Anything with small furry creatures scurrying around is always good TV viewing for cats. Seeing all those big, meaty rats in the movie Willard and the sequel, Ben, really got my hunting juices flowing! If only my Warden would let me go outside. Sigh. Thank goodness for television. Other great movies for furry creature viewing: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ratatouille, Stuart Little and Gremlins.

I like to watch re-runs of Lassie because it makes me realize just how superior we cats are to dogs. The way Lassie obeys her “master” Timmy and is always running around trying to save him makes me shudder. We cats don’t have masters, we have staff!! MOL. And Lassie, seriously– do you really think Timmy couldn’t get out of that well without your help?

Here’s what some other TV-loving felines in the blogosphere are watching:

Church Cat Tom - “How about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? If one flew over, there should be another, and I'll be waiting…”

Joy Joanne Hall’s cat enjoys watching wildlife programs, particularly Meerkat Manor and Monkey World.

Caren’s cat Cody “likes re-runs of Top Cat, Tom & Jerry and Pixie & Dixie. And for music, he really digs ‘What's New Pussycat’ by Tom Jones.”

Leslie McDonald Davenport - “Hockey! My boy used to sit in front of the TV for hours watching little men slide back and forth over the ice!”

Trish Katnip Cerecke – “CC loves basketball!”

Laraine K Harford – “My Barnabas liked shows with dogs. He'd sit & watch as long as the dogs were onscreen.”

Cheryl Lincoln – “My cats love golf! They watch the balls fly across the screen.”

Laura Fritz – “Mu Shue used to love Good Morning America. When Dianne Sawyer was on, he would sit at the TV and PUUURRRRRRRR every time she spoke.”

Jeanne Kudich – “Several foster kittens here love ESPN. Took me a while to figure it out – they were watching the moving ticker on the bottom of the screen!”

Connie KittyBlog – “I have an adorable photo of Fleurp watching the movie Bolt… she LOVED the hamster in the ball!”

Morgen Pittman – “Little Isis loves the text crawl at the bottom of news channels. She will paw at it and chase it, and even look behind the TV to see where the text goes!”

Cathy Keisha – “Nicky used to sit next to TW and watch figure skating and baseball.”

Sue Grybel Doute – “Wally likes to watch hockey. Something about that puck flying down the ice.”

Top photo by Mike Epp
Middle photo by Snickerpuss
Bottom photo by Christie D. Mallon

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  1. Hiya Rocky, *Waves paw* I like anything that is noisy and scares the Staff! mol. Have a great Easter, regards Austin :)

  2. Hey, my Dad really likes My Cat from Hell but he won't let us watch it because of the bad language some of those kitties use!

  3. Finn will watch any cartoon on tv!

  4. That was great! We agree with Brian -- My Cat From Hell kind of freaks Moosey out when the cats go ballistic. Sammy is hard of hearing, so he could care less. :)

  5. Wally isn't the only cat around here that watches TV. I like to watch, too...when the mom goes to bed, she turns the TV on and watches re-runs of "Friends." I sit on the bed next to her and watch along with her...but don't tell anybuddy...I like watching the commercials!


  6. We unfortuntely don't get to watch my Cat from Hell since we don't get that station. We don't really watch much TV. But thanks for the suggestions.

  7. We like watching Kirby on You Tube :)

  8. What an adorable post! Finding Nemo is one of our favorites!

  9. What fun! Adorable!!! But seriously we all know that Cody is waaaay too young to know about those shows :)

  10. It's fun to see what kitties like to watch, Rocky. I like my bird-tv. I see no one watches those dumb Cat Sitter videos.

  11. Very cute post!! We are quite partial to Cat Woman from Batman... but, alas, that show is no longer on so we let our human wear cat ears so she can live vicariously through the Cat Woman character! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang


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