Friday, March 15, 2013

A Letter to My Cat

By Julia Williams

Recently while browsing on Amazon I came across an interesting book titled A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends. It’s essentially a collection of heartfelt letters that pet owners, including some celebrities, have written to their best canine buddy. The personal letters celebrate the human/canine relationship, speak of the deep love and devotion they have for their pet and reveal raw honest emotions as they discuss a beloved dog that’s gone to the Bridge.

Intrigued, I discovered a website of the same name where people can write their own letter to their dog and post it for others to read. The dog-focused book and website have become so popular with pet owners that a follow-up book is coming soon. Naturally, it’s titled A Letter to My Cat, and there will be a sister website as well.

I loved the concept, so I decided to write my own letter to my “heart cat” Annabelle and share it with you, my dear friends and readers of the CANIDAE RPO blog. It was a lot of fun writing this letter to my darling cat that I love so much. I encourage you to write your own letter to your dog or cat, and share it here if you so desire.

My Dearest Annabelle,

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly ten years since I first saw your tiny little self in that flea-ridden place, desperately in need of rescue. I swooped you up and out of there immediately. You weren’t more than a month old, and so I became your “mother” to give you the loving care you badly needed.

I intended to find you a family once you were well, and old enough. Looking back, it seems silly I didn’t realize at once that you’d already found your forever home. But I’m so grateful that I kept you, because you are simply the best, most loving friend anyone could ever have.

Annabelle, I have never known a more precious soul than you. I’ve never known one so beautiful, so pure of heart, so giving of herself when it matters most. You are my child, my healer, my cherished companion, my confidante. Without a doubt, you’ve given me more than I could ever give you in return.

Our love grows stronger every day, as it should. With each passing day our bond deepens, as can only happen when two souls love each other as much as we do. When I hug you and you drape yourself over my shoulder while you lick my face, I close my eyes and see only a bright, happy world. Just to look at you fills my heart with joy. In your presence, I’m like a giddy school girl experiencing her first crush.

Oh my sweet girl, what I love about you could never be summed up into a paragraph or two – no, I could fill an entire book discussing the many ways you bring me joy. But I love that you tolerate me when I do annoying things, like give you nose rubs (Eskimo kisses) or hug you close for the thousandth time that day. You don’t get mad when I bestow copious kisses on your face and tell you “You’re so cute I could just eat you up!”

I love that when I go to bed, you curl up next to me with your little head on my pillow and your paws touching my hand. I love falling asleep to the soothing sound of your purr – the best “white noise” machine one could ever have!

My dear Annabelle, none could ever adore a creature more than I do you. I treasure every single day I have with you, and I’m so thankful you’re a member of my family. I love you deeply and completely, more and more with each passing year. And the best part is that I know the feeling is mutual.

I am one lucky human, Annabelle, to have such a wonderful kitty friend like you.


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  1. Oh, I treasure every word you wrote. That is how I felt about Admiral and this is how I feel about Katie Isabella who is even more tolerant than Admiral was. Katie and Admiral are both my heart cats but Katie, perhaps a bit more. Her soul is sweet to the core and loving..oh my. But this is your blog, not mine. :-)

  2. That was great and I like that idea a lot. I have about ten letters to write so will have to think about this project. But it is nice to remember our animals. That was a great letter. Take care.

  3. That was purely and simply the best love letter I've ever read!!!

  4. LOvely! Are you going to send it in. We saw the link too but don't like user generated content where the contributors get zero.

  5. Julia, I would write the exact same thing when it comes to Tom and me. You couldn't have said it better. What I might include in my letter would be how I love how we look for each other whenever we find ourselves alone. A true bond of friendship and love.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia and Annabelle.

    Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

  6. Awwww !!! What a lovely idea !
    and Sweet letter from mommy !!!
    Annabelle, you are a lucky kitty

    Eskimo kisses to you and Mom Julia

  7. What a great letter!!! They are certainly our family members :)

  8. That is just wonderful Julia :) So touching. A lovely tribute x

  9. how wonderfully sweet. Certainly something to think about doing - especially to help me remember when they are being bad. :)

  10. That is beautiful. Pop loves me like that even though I bite him and won't sleep with him. TW loved her last cat like that even though she knew their love couldn't last forever and he passed way too soon.

  11. Such a lovely letter... I like the concept of sharing your feelings while your beloved pet is still a part of your life. I have had many cats in my life, each special to me for unique reasons, and any time any of them has passed, I always write a love letter to them that I tuck away with their precious remains.

  12. This is so beautiful...our hearts are tingling and our eyes are a little wet.

  13. Lovely letter. Happy St Pat's and thanks for coming to my party!

    Darby and Cats of wildcat woods

  14. Oh Julia, that was just beautiful! I love that you love your sweet Annabelle so much. :)


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