Monday, October 31, 2011

Cat Galaxy Radio, Programmed by Cats for Cats

By Linda Cole

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what your cat really wants. For some felines it's a fresh batch of catnip or a cozy snooze in the sun. The more sophisticated kitty wants to keep up with what's going on, and listening to tunes or their favorite talk radio program is the cat's meow for them. Cat Galaxy Radio is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and it's the only radio station that's programmed by cats for the enjoyment of their cat listeners.

According to professional pet sitters, our feline friend’s favorite music is classical and country music. And their favorite talk radio station is National Public Radio. Nohl Rosen is a cat lover living in Arizona who was trying to figure out one day what his feline friend wanted. His cat Isis kept meowing insistently. She didn't want food or water, and she didn't want to play. Nohl was beside himself until he put on a CD. As soon as the music started to play, Isis settled down.

When Nohl saw how she reacted to the music, an idea began to grow and out of it came Cat Galaxy Radio. Nohl has his own computer company, which made it easy to set up a radio station specifically for cats. He already had two cats that could help him set up programs for discerning kitties, and it seemed like the obvious thing to do. After all, if music made his cats happy, why not make it accessible for other cats to enjoy?

He put Cat Galaxy Radio on the Internet which gave him a worldwide audience. Nohl handles the DJ duties since cats don't have opposable thumbs. His two cats, Isis and her brother Icarus, are in charge of the musical selections. If they give a musical piece a “paws down” it doesn't make it on the air. Icarus is the assistant station manager and he decides what kind of music is played. Isis is the station owner and her taste in music isn't country or classical; she's into Ozzy Osbourne, smooth jazz, funk and R&B.

With the help of Isis and Icarus, Nohl puts together a collection of cat-approved live programming 24/7. Your cat can start her day with “Morning Meows.” After supper, she might want to kick back and listen to her favorite night time programs. Icarus has his paws all over the evening entertainment with great programming that appeals to cats of all ages and tastes. Check out their “Tuesday Night Cat Club,” “Thursday Night Purr Party” or the “Friday Night Feline Frenzy.”

Each show has its own blend of vocal and instrumental music to help your kitty feel warm and cozy or get them moving, depending on their mood and the beat. And you might become a fan just as fast as your cat. Sit back with your favorite feline and listen to classic rock or maybe catch some Glenn Miller. Just because it's a radio station for cats and programmed by cats, doesn't mean we can't kick off our shoes and enjoy a relaxing evening with our best feline buddy by our side!

Cat Galaxy Radio isn't just for the enjoyment of cats around the world. Nohl is passionate about cats and very involved in issues relating to cats. The radio station gives him a forum where he can give a voice to cats in shelters that need a permanent home. He helps spread the word while he's on the air, highlighting cats waiting to be adopted in a local animal shelter. He promotes the benefits of spaying and neutering and he's an advocate for trap, neuter and release programs to help control feral cat populations. Nohl also recently hosted a cat food drive to help the Arizona Safe Haven for Animals.

Cat Galaxy Radio has expanded to include Internet TV, and now your cat can enjoy video as well as audio entertainment. Cat lovers who would like to advertise on the station or sponsor Cat Galaxy Radio can call or email them. Visit the Cat Galaxy Radio website for more information, and to find weekly programming.

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  1. Speaking for Felix, he likes Grunge...probably for the angst!

  2. OOOH, this sounds great! We'll check out Cat Galaxy Radio for sure! :)

  3. We don't like mum to listen to music cos she picks us up and dances with us while singing into our ears - ouchie!

  4. That sounds good to us. The cats here don't listen to music but they might just like it. Who knows. Hope we all like the same kind of music.Thanks for this info

  5. I had never heard of Cat Galaxy Radio so this was super interesting!

    I love that he also can promote the shelters, and spaying, neutering etc....

    there is only one problem...I am wondering if I can pull Cody away from listening to Howard Stern to check this out? MOL!


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