Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funny Pet Memories Bring Smiles

By Tamara L. Waters

When it comes to our pets, they make us smile, they melt our hearts and yes, they make us laugh. Admit it, funny pet videos featuring the crazy antics of our favorite critters are some of the best and most entertaining. We love LOL'ing at our silly pets, and they always seem to provide us with plenty of material. Check out a few of these funny pet memories, then think about your own. You're sure to find a giggle or two somewhere.

For myself, I have a few funny memories of favorite pets that I enjoy sharing with friends. One is of my beloved dog Skynyrd, a Yellow Lab and Golden Retriever mix that had the personality of sunshine. She was given to me as a Christmas present by my then-husband when she was about eight weeks old, and she was the best dog ever.

Skynyrd developed a funny quirk almost immediately after coming to live with us: she liked to sleep underneath the couch, the chair and the bed. She liked crawling underneath the furniture and there were many times when she was a puppy that we would miss her, only to find her snoozing under the couch or bed.

Unfortunately, Skynyrd was also a big scaredy-cat. She was afraid of loud noises and especially storms. She would often hide under the bed when it stormed or when I ran the vacuum. This was all fine until Skynyrd grew into her full size – a 65-pound dog. By then she had stopped hiding under the furniture, because she preferred to be ON the furniture instead.

She forgot this fact once when a storm came up and suddenly reverted to her puppyhood. She dove under the bed, but there was only one problem – she was really too big to fit under the bed! Somehow she made it underneath, but she was stuck and wasn't going to make it back out without help. Some people don't believe dogs can show expression but on that day, Skynyrd certainly did. Her face spoke what her mouth could not: "Ummm. . .uh oh. . ."

Another funny pet memory of mine involves a kitty that I rescued from the ditch in front of my house, where someone had apparently dumped him. This little black and white sweetie was dubbed Boo and became the ruler of our home. Boo quickly developed a favorite habit: he loved to sit on my lap while I would work on the computer. This turned into another habit: a desire to sit on my keyboard.

This became funny when Boo would manage to sit on the keyboard and somehow send messages to people on my Yahoo! Instant Messenger contact list. I had several friends who received messages that read something like "dfjdkfjdfkjdfldjfldjfdlkj" or some such kitty nonsense. It became such a regular occurrence and joke with my friends that many times I would see that Boo had been chatting and I would simply send a message that said "cat." My friends understood. In the same manner, Boo once even posted a status on Facebook for me. It said "lklklklklklklk/.././." and my friends thought it was brilliant.

Fellow writer and friend Theresa Leschmann related a couple of funny stories about her pets. One year around Halloween, her puppy – a white Great Pyrenees – became a little too curious about the Halloween decorations. Theresa had set out plastic pumpkins (actual candy buckets) around the outside of her home for decoration. She recalled that she looked outside to see her puppy wandering around the yard with one of the orange Jack-o-Lanterns stuck on his head!

Another funny memory from Theresa involves her cat. She noticed that her cat had caught a mouse and was playing with it out in the yard. Kitty paused during the play and the mouse took the opportunity to fight back. It lunged at the cat, chomping down on the cat's lip. Theresa watched the cat swinging its head back and forth in an attempt to dislodge the biting mouse. It managed to send the mouse flying a few feet away where it landed, only to be nabbed by a hungry chicken. Such is life on a farm!

Fellow friend, writer and cat lover Kate Kirkman recalled the time she and her hubby had to do some deductive reasoning to figure out what had happened in their kitchen. They came home to find an upper kitchen cabinet had the bottom broken out of it and their kitties were remaining mum on what had happened.

Upon closer examination, they discovered feline footprints on the countertop, then up on top of the cabinets, across the top of the cabinets, then discovered the top of the cabinet broken in. It appeared as though kitty had taken a stroll, then whoops!

Oh those crazy pets! They keep us laughing and certainly make life worth living, don't they? Do you have a favorite funny pet memory to share?

Photo by Vegan Flower

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  1. I have too many to share! If I began sharing your page would be a book instead of a blog :)

  2. Bella loves to sleep under everything too! :)

  3. Sweet memories, sad memories, funny memories - those are the memories that we'll never forget but keep them well in our heart!

  4. my 2 yr old maltipoo sounds just like your dog.

    Allie seems to hiding under the bed alot lately.

    Is she depressed? She eats and plays but if I start to do work etc...there she goes under the bed. She does not come out until I go and get her.

    I can use a bit of advice.

  5. Hi Mary,

    If Allie has her normal appetite and is playing like usual, there's probably nothing to worry about. Dogs and cats both are good at finding places in the home where they feel comfortable and she may just be discovering a cozy area she hadn't found yet. Under a bed is a favorite for a lot of pets. It's out of the way and usually more quiet than in other areas of the home, especially during the day.

    It's possible she understands when you're working it's time for her to take a nap and retreats under the bed. Work means you're busy and she won't get attention. When you go to get her, take some treats with you and have her follow you to the living room, or any other room, before you give her the treat and praise her. By rewarding her for coming, she learns there's something good in it for her to come when called. If the work you're doing is housework that includes running the vacuum, the noise may bother her and under the bed is a safe place to hide.

    If she does stop eating and playing and just lays around, then you should have her checked out by your vet to make sure there's no medical problems.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. Its a good story and right to say that our funny pet memories bring our smile because they are our favorite and left memory for us.

  7. Its a nice story. Our pets are special for us like our child, and we do love them like parents. These memories are unforgettable!


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