Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

By Tamara L. Waters

If you have a friend who adores their canine pals, consider getting them a gift that caters to this special love. You can rest assured your friend will appreciate a present that remembers their favorite four-legged pal. Check out these ideas for perfect Christmas gifts for your favorite dog lover.

Dog Calendars

The Pink Ribbon Puppies calendar features adorable yellow lab puppies, and all proceeds go toward breast cancer research. Local book stores and online retailers offer a multitude of dog themed calendars too. Choose a wall calendar, a desk calendar, a planner or all three that feature dog photos. Whether your friend has a special dog breed that’s their favorite or they squeal over cute puppy pictures, they can stay on schedule with their favorite pet breeds. Some specialty stores even offer pet calendars that include special sections for veterinary records. This is a great option for your favorite responsible pet owner.

Fleece Blanket

Keep your favorite dog lover warm and cozy this winter with a decorated fleece blanket. Don't settle for just any fleece blanket though; many retailers offer blankets featuring dog photos, dog drawings and even paw prints and bones. If you are a little crafty, check your local craft store for fleece blanket kits. At my craft store there are blanket kits dedicated to almost any hobby or interest. These blankets have fringe that is used to tie two pieces of fleece together to form the blanket. It's a fun and easy craft project (especially if you have kids wanting to help out) and a useful gift.

Holiday Decorations

Does your favorite dog lover decorate a Christmas tree? If so, search for some adorable doggy tree ornaments to give them. Many stores offer holiday decorations in a variety of themes, and dog and cat themed decorations are really easy to find.

Gift Certificates or Gift Cards

If you can't figure out exactly what to get for your dog loving friend or they could use a practical gift, get them a gift certificate for their favorite pet boarder, groomer, obedience school, trainer or pet store. Non-pet stores can also provide great gift card and gift certificate ideas (book stores, farm supply stores etc.).

Dog Food and Treats Gift Basket

Find out your friend's preferred formula of CANIDAE dog food and put together a “care package” along with Snap-Bits™ or Snap Biscuit® dog treats.

Decorative Clothing

Check around local stores for clothing items that feature “man's best friend.” A sweatshirt and a pair of socks featuring a cute dog would be a hit.

Stuffed Animals

If your favorite dog lover doesn't currently have a pet for one reason or another (perhaps they live in a home or facility that doesn't allow dogs), give them a stuffed toy dog! If you have kids, let them pick out the stuffed dog to make it more meaningful.

Magazine Subscription

Purchase a gift subscription to a favorite dog-related magazine for your friend. Check at your local pet store or book stores for titles.

Coffee Mug

Does your favorite dog lover enjoy coffee or hot chocolate? Pick out a coffee mug that features a dog photo (or some other type of dog theme) and create a gift basket that includes specialty coffee or hot chocolate mix, and a dog magazine for some great reading material!

Cookie Cutters

Dog-themed cookie cutters make a fun gift for a dog lover who also likes to bake. Along with dog bones and paw prints, there are cookie cutters featuring Poodles, Labs, Schnauzers, Collies, Corgis, Boxers and many other dog breeds.

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  1. I love doggie themed gifts. We have our Christmas tree in the Canidae office decorated with dog and cat ornaments.

  2. I love doggies and looking for beautiful doggie gifts. Thanks for the post


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