Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pets and the Economy

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t just hard on the human population these days. Many animals are being left behind or abandoned on the streets or given up at shelters because their owners can no longer afford to take care of them. This is a sad fact of life. However there is a bright spot for our unfortunate animal friends, there are places like Cat Adoption Team. In October of 2008, CANIDAE Pet Foods donated several hundred pounds of dog and cat food to the Cat Adoption Team for their shelter.
Cat Adoption Team has a monthly Cat Food Bank for cat owners who find themselves in need. Since the food bank began in June of 2008, CAT has distributed 4,500 pounds of food according to Kim Christiansen who is CAT’s Development Manager. She goes on to mention, that amount of food feeds an average of 69 cats per month. The lines at their food bank every month is evidence that the financial downturn is affecting pet owners.
Even despite a snow storm that shut down the shelter for four days, CAT was able to make their adoption goal of 3,250 cats. Not only that, by being able to team with donors, more cats can stay at home with their owners, and costs in the shelter are kept down with food donations and the fact that they are able to assist the pet owners in their community. By performing almost 3,000 spay/neuter surgeries CAT is also serving the community, as there are less feral cats on the streets and less kittens taken to shelters, because their owners can’t support them.
If you are an animal lover like me, you can contact your local shelter to see if they need volunteers. If you have extra space in your heart and home, you might even ask them if they have a foster program you can get involved in. Sometimes even a donation of old towels you don’t use any more can make a difference. The point I am trying to make is that no matter what you have, whatever you can give can help, even if it is just cuddling a little bundle of fur that needs a hug.
If you would like to donate to Cat Adoption Team, or would like more information about them, visit their website at www.catadoptionteam.org.

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