Friday, September 6, 2013

“Pets Hiding” Photo Contest – Win Free CANIDAE!

By Julia Williams

Dogs and cats love to hide, don’t they? They hide under our rugs, blankets and bedspreads. They hide behind the curtains and underneath the bed with just their tail sticking out. They like to hide outdoors, too… in the grass, in a pile of leaves or next to a tree.

Some pets “hide in plain sight” by lying on a same-color rug or tile. You might find your pet hiding behind the couch, with just their nose peeking around. Cats are especially fond of hiding in the Christmas tree, and some hide inside a birdhouse hoping to catch a snack. Small dogs can hide in a pile of toys (like ET did).

The point is, hiding pets are funny, and they present us with lots of great photo ops. Most pet owners I know take a ton of photos, so I thought this hiding theme would make for a fun contest. (Truth be told, I “stole” the idea from my favorite cartoon kitty, Simon’s Cat. But you know what they say – there’s no such thing as a totally original idea!).

“Pets Hiding” Photo Contest

Do you have a cute photo of your pet hiding? We want to see it, and sharing it could win you free CANIDAE Pure dog food or cat food! Yep, your photo could net you a big bag of premium quality pet food for your animal pal.

Categories and Prizes

Best Dog “Hiding” Spot: 1 (one) 15-pound bag of CANIDAE grain free dog food (Pure Elements, Pure Sea, Pure Sky or Pure Land)

Cutest Cat “Hiding” Spot: 1 (one) 15-pound bag of CANIDAE grain free cat food (Pure Elements or Pure Sea)

Funniest Hiding Spot: 1 (one) 15-pound bag of CANIDAE Pure grain free dog food or cat food (winner’s choice).

Most Creative Hiding Spot: 1 (one) 15-pound bag of CANIDAE Pure grain free dog food or cat food (winner’s choice).

How to Enter

Just click this link to visit the CANIDAE Facebook page and upload your photo. Large file sizes preferred with 5MB as the maximum size. You can submit as many photos as you like before the contest closes on September 13, 2013.

Photos will be judged by a panel of pet-loving peeps, including the writers of this blog and CANIDAE staff. Winners will be notified at the email address used to submit the entry, and will have 48 hours to respond or an alternate winner will be chosen.

The Rules 

No purchase or payment is necessary to win. To enter, you must be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident (green card), or a legal resident of Canada. CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company employees, vendors and their immediate family members are not eligible. Immediate family includes only spouses, parents and children.

Terms and conditions apply. All photos submitted become property of CANIDAE and may be used for commercial purposes including packaging, websites and any type of marketing or advertising material.

Time to get clicking! Submit your best photo(s) today via the CANIDAE photo contest page on Facebook!

Top photo by Shan 213
Middle photo by Lulu Hoeller
Bottom photo by Erica Firment

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  1. Of course we love to hide, our humans want to take too many pictures of us ;-)

  2. What a fun contest! Pets sure *do* love to hide. We hope you get lots of entries!

  3. I'm gonna look for a few good photos. I hide everywhere. There are pics where all you see is a lump under the covers. MOL!

  4. whatza the deadline date for entering my meowster pic? I'm curious as a cat

    1. So sorry Guido -- you missed it -- the deadline (9/13/13) WAS in the article.


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