Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 5 Magazines for Dog Lovers

By Langley Cornwell

There are many dog magazines available today, and the mix is interesting. Some are just traditional ink and paper publications with no online presence, some have traditional and online offerings and some are simply online magazines/blogs. So whichever way you like to receive your information, there’s a dog magazine for you.

In this lineup I’ve only included general dog magazines. If you’re looking for a breed-specific magazine, there are plenty to choose from. Here are five dog magazines that I think are worth reading.

Best Friends Magazine 

A publication from the respected Best Friend’s Animal Society —the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary— this general-interest animal magazine is as impressive as the organization itself. The bi-monthly publication is filled with important information, tips and advice, heartwarming stories and beautiful photographs. This is a subscription-based magazine that you’ll receive for making a nominal donation to Best Friends. What I love about this magazine and this organization is that all of the proceeds from the publication support the animals at the Sanctuary. Further, it helps Best Friends’ mission to reach a time when there are no more homeless pets. That’s a mission I can stand behind.

Modern Dog Magazine

With a strong online presence as well as a thriving traditional publication, Modern Dog magazine reaches the masses. They tout themselves as the best dog magazine ever and I know people who say the same thing. This truly is a lifestyle magazine with charming features, health and wellness articles and advice from veterinarians, dog trainers and behaviorists. There are DIY craft projects as well as reviews of the myriad dog-targeted products. They get a lot of celebrities and their dogs as cover models. The blog-style online magazine is a go-to for many animal lovers.    

The Bark

Another online and traditional offering, Bark magazine is written for people whose motto is “Dog is my co-pilot.” Topics in each issue include dog culture and community, wellness, behavior, recreation and travel, and art and literature. What strikes me about this magazine is its modern, hip attitude. It seems as if they are talking to a new generation of dog lovers, and I like that. The archives are deep and the information extensive. This is a good general dog magazine that covers the gambit.

Dog Fancy Magazine

It seems to me that Dog Fancy Magazine is primarily focused on pedigreed dogs, and covers some dog show type issues. The Dog Writers Association of America named this traditional publication the Best All-Breed Magazine. With monthly distribution, Dog Fancy is known as a dependable and informational publication that features in-depth breed profiles, a Best Behavior section, and important tips and how-to instructions on dog training and behavior. A reader’s favorite is the Checkup section, where readers can send in their questions, which will be answered by top veterinarians. Each issue also has a centerfold poster of a featured breed, and the images are stunning.


I have to include the online magazine/blog called Dogster in this lineup. The voice of this site is warm and interactive, with plenty of space devoted to Q & A’s as well as an entire community section. They also have the ever popular lifestyle, product review, health and wellness, and behavior and training sections. One of the things I like about Dogster is their friendly and humorous presentation; the information is delivered in an upbeat, heartfelt manner. As an online magazine, they also have the opportunity to include videos and reader photos.

It’s easy to satisfy your craving for cute dog photos and interesting anecdotes, tips and suggestions and all things dog-related. Did I miss any of the good ones? What is your favorite dog magazine?

Top photo by Vivian Chen
Middle photo courtesy of Modern Dog 
Bottom photo by Spacecat

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