Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pongo Fund Saves Lives and Keeps Families Together

CANIDAE partnered with The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank 3½ years ago to help feed the hungry pets in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. They helped its founder, Larry Chusid, stock the shelves by donating a massive amount of their premium quality dog food and cat food.

Although that initial shipment of pet food is long gone, CANIDAE continues to support this worthwhile charity because they know it is saving many animals’ lives. Since opening their doors in November 2009, The Pongo Fund has served millions of quality meals and more importantly, has enabled countless dogs and cats to remain in their home with the people they love.

We wanted to share this touching note from The Pongo Fund with our readers. It’s just one example of many, of how this pet food bank is making a difference in the lives of animals and families, but it’s a beautiful thing.


A 14 year-old Boston Terrier. A 12 year-old Lab. A 7 year-old Pit Bull. And two kitties. What do they all have in common? They all belong to a family that has endured a run of incredibly bad luck. Desperate and heartbroken, they called the shelter to find out about giving their animals up. What did the shelter say?

Call The Pongo Fund.

This family was hurting. But they were proud. And instead of complaining, they were persevering. Despite their own pain, all they cared about was making sure their pets had food. This family needed a lot of help and they needed it now. Thankfully they reached us.

The Pongo Fund Mobile Response Team kicked into gear and delivered two large bags of CANIDAE dog food and a bag of FELIDAE cat food, along with a food box abundant with good things for the family, too. That way everyone could enjoy dinner together.

Their thank you was quickly interrupted by tears; the words would not come. But that was ok. We don’t do this for the thank you. We do this because it’s the right thing to do.

But really, we are the ones to say thank you. Because it took courage to make that call. Courage to admit that times were so bad you could not even afford a bag of dog food. No one wants to face that.

We reminded them they were not alone. That thousands of families had turned to The Pongo Fund for help. That we’re all in this together. As if on cue, at that moment their Lab let out a big bark and suddenly did zoomies around the front yard, wagging his tail the whole time.

As we turned to leave, we were handed a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. They said it was not much but it’s all they had to give. And they would not allow us to leave empty handed. They were the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

We arrived with gifts and we left with gifts. And in between, all of us shared a moment of nourishment for the soul. Moments like this are why The Pongo Fund exists.

We are honored to do this work. The chocolate chip cookies are a bonus.

Peace. Love. Kibble.

Top photo by BL4d3RuNr 
Middle photo by fragment.fi
Bottom photo by Jamie Lantzy

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  1. Hooray for wonderful places like the Pongo Fund. Thank you for sharing about them, and the important work they do. And thank you, Canidae, for supporting them!


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