Friday, August 24, 2012

Animals as Best Friends and Healers

By Julia Williams

If you believe what you read on the internet (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t) the reference to dog as “man’s best friend” originated in an 1821 poem in The New-York Literary Journal. Regardless of where it came from, the saying has been quoted by countless dog lovers since. Of course, cat lovers say felines are just as worthy of the title. But why designate one or the other as humankind’s “best” friend? Dogs and cats each have their merits. And what about horses…or any other pet for that matter. Given the proven healing power of pets and all the many wonderful things they offer us, I think every animal deserves the title of best friend.

Anyone who’s ever shared a close bond with a pet has undoubtedly witnessed their natural healing abilities firsthand. Be it physical, mental or emotional healing, our pets can greatly improve our lives. There have been many reports in recent years of these remarkable healing pets — among them, dogs who can smell cancer before any medical diagnosis has been made; dogs who can alert their owners to seizures before they happen; horses who help handicapped riders develop balance, strength and confidence.

Cats and dogs are frequently used as “therapy animals” for seniors in nursing homes because they provide love and attention to those who might be feeling lonely, sad or forgotten. I know from experience that Purr Therapy can be very healing. Many prisons have dog training programs, which gives the inmates a sense of purpose and helps them deal with the depression, anxiety and tension caused by incarceration. Some prisons even have “cat care” programs to help the inmates learn to be compassionate towards all living things. It’s clear these prison programs provide a healing experience for the inmates.

The Many Health Benefits of Pets

These natural healers with wagging tails and furry coats enhance our lives in so many ways. The peaceful purring of a cat or the friendly nuzzle from a dog can calm our frazzled nerves. Stroking their soft fur is therapeutic for both body and soul; it can lower blood pressure and reduce stress, while helping us to open our hearts to love. Walking the dog and playing games with our pet provides beneficial exercise for our bodies; it also lifts our spirits and provides a respite from the stress and strain of life.

Pets can improve the quality of our life and positively influence us in so many ways. They inspire optimistic thoughts in those who are disheartened, and gently remind us how important it is to nurture not only ourselves, but others. In his book, The Healing Power of Pets, Dr. Marty Becker writes "Our beloved pets are life vitamins fortifying us against invisible threats: like seat belts cradling against life's crashes; like alarm systems giving us a sense of security. Taken together, the healing power of pets is powerful medicine indeed."

I think that is one of the best quotes about pets I’ve ever read. Our pets also seem to have an uncanny ability to recognize when we are suffering, whether it’s with a physical ailment or emotional distress. They also seem able to know exactly where we hurt and may concentrate their healing attention to that part of the body.

I’ll never forget a powerful healing experience I had with my cats when I was nearly done in by the flu. In the midst of the delirium caused by the pain, I wished to die. I somehow managed to fall asleep, and when I awoke the first thing I saw was Annabelle; she was sitting on my pillow, gazing at me intently. Mickey and Rocky were lying near me, one on each side. My cats almost never sleep on my bed during the day, yet here they were, not one but all three, keeping watch…willing me to live. I smiled at Belle weakly through my pain. I knew I would recover, because my “angels with fur” were there to help me.

It’s not just family pets who have this innate healing ability, either –virtually any animal can serve as a healer to human beings. Both wild and domesticated animals can sense changes in the human body and the mind. People who have encounters with wild dolphins have experienced amazing, life-changing healing. Watching the silly antics of a wild squirrel in the park can provide gentle healing through laughter. Observing the industrious nature of ants and bees can heal through inspiration. And seeing a butterfly or hummingbird float gracefully through the garden can remind us to slow down, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures life brings.

Animals truly are remarkable healers, and they ask for so little in return. I am honored by their presence, because I know they make the world a better place.

Photo by Pete Markham

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  1. So powerful. Finn's definitely helped me through some tough times since we've had her and I love reading stories from therapy dogs too.

  2. That is so very true. My animals really got me through the treatments for my cancer. I don't think I could have made it without them. Animals are just the best. So much better than humans. Have a great week end.

  3. That was perfect, Julia. Our cats have definitely been healers for us in so many ways. :)

  4. We don't have any kitties but I'm sure our Muslim neighbors agree with you, Julia. They love their cats and vice versa.

  5. Catzowey! I'ma certified Animal Assisted Therapy pet and have my job working with the Mentally/physically challenged Seniors in San Francisco. Signorina Julia - youza wrote a feature article on me and my job. Working and healing is meowvalous

  6. Rumblemum says that we're Doctor Rumbles and Nurse Hammy whenever she doesn't feel well... we make everything better!

  7. Lovely post and of course I agree with every word! xx

  8. Oh yes, I'm sure most of us have a wonderful and unique story as to the amazing powers pets have to heal our pains, whether they be mental, emotional, or physical. My life was often a lonely one and my animals were always there for me. When I was unemployed and in a serious depression a couple years ago, it was because of them I was inspired to get myself out of that funk and follow my dreams of writing a book.

  9. My babies have always always made each day better just by their being in it. The morning head bumps over and over as I sit on the edge of the bed, the warm little body sitting on my lap while I give her some good morning kissies..the soft head bumps make the day start well!

  10. That was a wonderful post, so well written and oh so true!

  11. I agree that a dog being man's best friend is limiting. There have been many a cat, dog, horse, bird.. that have been closer to their owners than anyone can imagine. I don't know what I would do without my furry dears, honestly. And, purr therapy?? All the time and it's free!

    --Julie, Tom & the kitties

  12. Well, the Human says Mr. Teeth and all the other kitties who came before me fit the descriptions you write about. But she says *I* am a stress-inducer, MOL! I don't think that's very nice of her, do you?

  13. Yes I agree with the author in this regard. Animals are our best friends but we neglect this fact. If we show love and affection for them then in return they give much more. I have a little puppy and I like him a lot.


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