Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Round Kibble is the Cat’s Meow! FELIDAE is Changing Shape.

Same Great Formulations, Same Great Taste. Just a New Round Kibble.

The meows are in! When cats were asked to choose from many different shapes of kibble, they gave two paws up to round, again and again! As a result, CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company has decided to change the shape of FELIDAE Cat & Kitten, Chicken & Rice and FELIDAE PLATINUM® kibble for cats to a simple round circle.  Our two Grain Free FELIDAE kibble formulas – pureSEA™ and pureELEMENTS™ – already feature this round shape cats prefer most.

We want to make it very clear, however, that although the shape of FELIDAE kibble will soon be changing, all of our premium-quality formulas will remain exactly the same. Rest assured – the formulations and every quality ingredient that is currently in the kibble will still be the same in the new round-shaped kibble. The food will still provide the same high quality, natural nutrition for cats and kittens, just in an improved, new round shape that felines favor over other shapes. We believe your cats will love FELIDAE cat food even more than they already do.

Repeat testing has shown this is the shape cats love the most. Also, this new round shape results in less kibble breakage, which means fewer crumbs and less “kibble dust” at the bottom of the bag!

A scientific study was done with five different kibble shapes including an X (cross/star), a triangle, a triangle with a hole, a cylinder, and a round “O” shaped flat disc. The study determined that cats overwhelmingly prefer round kibble over any of the other shapes.

The recent research, coupled with the success of this shape in our Grain Free line for cats, led to the decision to change our other three formulas – Cat & Kitten, Chicken & Rice and FELIDAE PLATINUM® – to the round shape as well. Now all five FELIDAE kibble formulas will feature the new, round shape that cats prefer most!

The new round kibble shape will soon begin rolling out to all of our independent retailers across North America. You should begin to see the new FELIDAE kibble in bags featuring the sticker “Cats Prefer Round” on them in the coming months. Depending on an individual store’s stock and turnover, not everyone will have the new round kibble available for purchase at the same time as the product begins to transition into store inventories.

Again, everything you (and your cats!) already love about our premium-quality FELIDAE kibble will remain the same – only the shape is changing for our Cat & Kitten, Chicken & Rice and FELIDAE PLATINUM® formulas. When you have an opportunity to try the new, round FELIDAE kibble, we’d love to know what your cats think of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below.


  1. Oh I think that is a great idea. Most of the cats here do like the Felidae. But I bet they will like it even better if it is all round. We sure will have to try it.

  2. My cats have been trying out the new kibble shape ("Official" Felidae taste testers) and prefer it over the old "I" shape. From what I've heard, the round flat kibble is easier for cats to chew than other shapes are. Cats lack the grinding and crushing back molars that dogs have and cats have limited lateral jaw movement, so it makes it harder for them to chew kibble. I'm excited about the Felidae shape change and I know the cats will like it better.

  3. Has felidae changed anything in their formula in the last 6 months? My dog has been on canidae for 8 years with no problem. My cat has been on felidae for almost 4 years. He has had 2 urinary tract infections in the past few months. I am worried I will have to change foods but I really don't want to.

  4. Hello Anonymous,
    FELIDAE formulas have NOT changed at all, only the shape of the kibble. All the ingredients and recipe remain exactly the same.
    Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria blocking the urethra, and are not directly related to food. Genetic predisposition, environment, stress & gender are the common culprits of UTI's in cats, males under the age of 4 are more prone to have reocurring infections.
    Adding Cranberry Meal to the diet and insuring you have plenty of clean litter boxes placed throughout the home can help. Also, some cats do find relief when fed a diet of canned food, which increases the moisture consumption.
    We have a staff vaterinarian that would be happy to discuss the best diet options. You can call our office at (800) 398-1600.
    Thank You,
    Sarah DeNunzio, CANIDAE Pet Foods CSR

    1. Thanks so much for the information!

  5. I'll be buying Felidae for the first time for my new kitten and older cat. When a friend of mine brought over my new kitten, he also brought with a weeks supply of this food for her. He said his vet told him about it. I did some further reading up on it and compared it with other top brands. Sounds like it will be better for them and I like the idea of "organic and holistic".

  6. My two cats went through their food like crazy when I fed them the round ones for the first time. With the old shape they would bite it in half and not eat the other half in the dish. I don't have any of the round ones left in the bottom of their dishes when feeding them now. Was a great idea to change the shape tho I don't know why that should have made a difference.

  7. It is great! Round shape will be better for my cat, because with the old shape my cat would bite it in half and not eat the other half in the dish, also a problem with a crumbs... Thanks!!!

  8. We are very impressed with the ingredients in the cat and kitten formula, so when we recently got a kitten we ordered your food. He loves it. However, it seems his coat is not as shiny and healthy-looking as we would like. Any suggestions?

  9. I wouldn't believe it for myself, but my cats DO prefer the round shapes. Former they didn't like the Felidae Cat Food much, but now they LOVE it! :-)


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