Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I Feed My Cats FELIDAE

By Julia Williams

Many years ago, long before CANIDAE started this blog, I became a fan of their FELIDAE cat food. And nearly a decade later, I’m still a fan. I mention FELIDAE in some of my posts because it is, after all, the food my three cats eat. I realized some people might think, “Well of course she recommends this food since she writes for their blog!” It’s actually the opposite – I became a contributor for the Responsible Pet Ownership blog in 2009 because I already had a positive experience with the FELIDAE brand, and I had published an unsolicited review of the food on another website. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I want to share the tale of how and why this food became the only one I feed to my cats.

I’ve loved cats forever, and I'd never knowingly do anything that would harm them. From my very first cat to my current three, I have promised to not only love and cherish them, but to do my best to keep them healthy. To that end, my cats always get regular vet checkups and also go in whenever there’s even a whiff of trouble.

I thought I was a responsible pet owner and was doing everything I could to keep them healthy. But here’s the thing – I was feeding them sub-par supermarket cat food because I didn’t know any better. I bought the cheapest food too, usually whatever was on sale that week. I bought my own food at the supermarket, so why wouldn’t I buy my cat food there too? It’s safe to say I didn’t know a thing about what might make one cat food better than another. Mind you, this was also before many, if any, premium quality foods like FELIDAE even existed. Still, cat food was just something I didn’t give a lot of thought to, other than buying more when I was running low.

The turning point for me as a cat food consumer came in the late 90s, when I read a book called Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard Pitcairn, a noted holistic veterinarian from Oregon. I bought this book primarily for its holistic approach to cat care and its comprehensive section on pet ailments and treatments. Little did I know, Dr. Pitcairn also addressed nutritional issues I had never even thought about before, and it forever changed the way I looked at pet food.

Prior to reading this book, I don’t think I’d ever read a single ingredient label on my cat food before. I’d never thought about by-products, fillers, chemical preservatives, corn and other ingredients commonly found in supermarket pet foods, and I didn’t have a clue why I shouldn’t feed those things to my cats. In short, although I loved my cats dearly, I was highly uneducated about the food I was giving them. That was about to change!

I began to really research pet food ingredients so I could make better, informed choices for my cats. After all, they couldn’t go to the store themselves, and they depended on me to bring home food that was good for them and would keep them healthy. Once I knew what to look for – both the good and the bad! – I could choose a better food for them. Now, I don’t necessarily think there is a single “best” food for all cats, or all dogs for that matter, because each pet is unique and has different needs. For my own cats’ needs however, I believe FELIDAE is the best choice.

There are many reasons why I continue to feed and recommend FELIDAE and CANIDAE products year after year. For starters, I like that CANIDAE uses only premium quality ingredients that are grown and raised in the United States. I like that the pet food itself is also made in the U.S.A., in human-grade facilities. I like that the food contains beneficial things like skin and coat conditioners, probiotics and prebiotics, natural preservatives, herbs, and essential vitamins and minerals. Perhaps most important of all, the food keeps my cats extremely healthy, and they love the taste. What more could I want?

I feel blessed to have been asked by CANIDAE to be a contributing writer and the editor for this great blog. I enjoy sharing my personal stories and knowledge with you, but blog or no blog I would never recommend a cat food I didn’t use and love!!

Photo by Matt, aka Mr. Ducke

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  1. Well said Julia. I'm glad your cats love Felidae so much.

  2. That is so great to have found a food that is so good for your cats. All the cats here like it too. It is good food. Take care.

  3. Yummy and healthy is a wonderful combination!

  4. Brian's right! It's always great when you can mix "good tasting" with "good for you!" :)

  5. Felifae saved my 3 year old cat's life! He was starving & threw up everytime he ate. He lost so much weight & my vet couldn't find the problem. Through my research online I found Felidae. It's been approximately 2 months & he stopped throwing up the day we changed food-his weight is back on and he is happy! Will never use any other food for my cat and I am in the process of switching my Lhasa over to Canidae!

  6. Because Pip liked his Canidae so much, we decided to try Felidae with our cats. They love it (actually, they also like Canidae, but we are trying to discourage this species food swapping).

  7. That is so awesome, agree with Brian too. Good nutrition and food that kitties love, can't beat that.

  8. Carl and Jane TagliabueJanuary 11, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Nice article, we feed Felidae Platinum to our Cat, Gracie as she is an indoor Cat and loves it.
    Our two Labs, Sadie & Zoe eat the Grain Free formulas.
    Thanks for the great food which I keep telling folks about and have a great New Year.

  9. I am such a picky eater my Human weeps with frustration trying to get me to eat.

    Maybe she'll give this a try.

    But I problee won't eat it.

    Heh heh.


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