Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RPO Blog’s Newest Winner of Free Pet Food!

By Julia Williams

The sponsor of this blog, CANIDAE Natural Pet Foods, selects one reader every three months to receive a free six month supply of their premium quality pet food. The winner is chosen at random from every new reader who subscribed via email during the past quarter. The winner gets to pick any formula of CANIDAE dog food or FELIDAE cat food. I think this wonderful contest is a lovely gesture of good-will.

The lucky winner from last quarter is Marie Anne St. Jean of Frankfort, Ohio. Marie Anne has chosen to receive free CANIDAE All Life Stages formula for her two dogs: Jethro, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Molly, a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Saint Bernard mix. Marie Anne recently told me a little bit about herself and her special four-legged companions, so I want to share it with you.

A few years ago, Marie Anne researched many different commercial pet foods before settling on CANIDAE as the best choice. Her dogs loved the food, but when she moved to a different state, she wasn’t able to find it since CANIDAE supports the independent retailer and isn’t sold in supermarkets or big-box stores. Now that she’s in a new state, Marie Anne was happy to discover that CANIDAE is available at her local independent pet store. 

“My two dogs are my family. I’ve had dogs my whole life except for short periods when I was renting and couldn’t have them. When I bought my house over a year ago, the first thing on my list to make it a home was to get a dog. I’m so excited and can’t wait to receive my win! Molly is only two years old, but she has a severe case of hip dysplasia and proper nutrition is especially important for her. Thank you so much,” said Marie Anne.

When Marie Anne set out to adopt a dog, she visited her local animal shelter where Molly immediately melted her heart. Not long after, Marie Anne decided that Molly needed a four-legged friend to play with, and Jethro joined their family. Marie Anne said she’s more of a “big dog” kind of gal, but two large dogs would be a bit much, so she opted for a little fella with a “big dog personality.” Molly and Jethro are now inseparable. 

Marie Anne was initially told that Molly was a Chow/Mastiff mix but said, “I don't care what her parentage is. She's a lovely girl and an absolute joy in my life.  I don't know who was responsible for the first three months of her life, but they did a very good job of socializing her and helping her to be the sweet young lady she is. Miss Molly and Jethro now have a forever home, and I couldn't be more blessed.”

Marie Anne’s animal family also includes a tabby calico cat named Shirley, as well as two kittens (Reggie and Boo) she kept from two different litters a stray mama cat brought to her door when they were just a few weeks old. After several unsuccessful attempts, Marie Anne was finally able to trap the mama cat to get her spayed so she won’t have more babies! Marie Anne said she will likely start all of her kitties on FELIDAE cat food. She joked that “I have 9 laying hens too, so if CANIDAE made chicken feed, I’d be all set!”

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  1. Molly and Jethro were certainly lucky to have someone like Marie Anne come along. Sounds like they found the perfect home.


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