Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Fall Activities for Your Dog

By Suzanne Alicie

You know how much you enjoy it when the days begin to cool down after a hot summer? Well your dog enjoys that as well. With cooler temperatures, your dog will have more energy and more stamina for being outdoors and enjoying fun fall activities. There are a few activities that are specific to the fall season that your dog will love.

Football - Your dog probably won’t do well with a regular football, but you can use a foam football or even a doggie sized football to take your dog out and play a great game of catch, fetch and tackle (be careful tackling, of course). Larger dogs especially enjoy the rough and tumble fun and exercise of a fall game of football.

Hiking - Once the days cool down, taking a hike with your dog is a lot less challenging for him than it is during the heat of summer. Choose a hiking trail where you and your dog can wander for a few hours and you’ll see just how much he enjoys all that sniffing and exploring, when it is cool enough to do so comfortably. Be sure to bring along your favorite snack, some bottled water, and a few CANIDAE Snap-Bits™ treats for your pooch. For more information on fall hikes, check out The Benefits of Hiking with Your Dog.

Lawn Care - Yes, I know dogs aren’t exactly great for your lawn, but when it comes to having fun they are wonderful for running through your raked up leaf piles. Be sure your dog has been treated for fleas and ticks, then let him have a ball playing in the yard.

Doggie “Play Dates” - If you have a social dog, fall is the ideal time for playing with other dogs at the park. The weather is cool enough for the dogs to enjoy themselves without becoming overheated or too tired. They will play for a much longer time and will also rest much better when they get back home.

Fun fall activities for your dog generally include anything that will get him out of the house and into the great outdoors to act like a dog. If you have a fenced yard and can simply let your dog run and play, you will see a great improvement in his health and in his behavior when he is allowed to run off some of his excess energy.

The fall is essentially the perfect time to be a dog. It’s not too hot and not too cold, the air is brisk and fresh and people want to spend more time outdoors. This means that Fido gets to go along and have fun more often as well. After all, we all know how miserable it can be to have a panting, slobbering hot dog cooped up in the car during the heat of the summer – fall is ideal for rolling down the windows and letting your dog’s ears flap in the wind. He will love it!

For responsible pet owners, the advent of a new season is also a reminder to take care of seasonal treatments like flea and tick medication, grooming, and checkups. I always try to do these things every 3-4 months, and season changes are my reminder. A clean, protected and healthy dog is ready for the coming cold weather.

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  1. I had a dog who loved playing with a football. The problem was when he finally learned how to pick the ball up, he always punctured it with his teeth. I think he like listening to the air slowly leaking out because he'd lay beside the ball as it slowly lost it's ability to bounce.

  2. You are right -- autumn is a very good time to be a dog. Thanks for the tips on some fun activities.

  3. Make sure when hiking to watch out for snakes - my son lost his beautiful brown lab to running on a well hiked path. He had to leave him covered with rocks there as all the hikers tried to help but carrying his body out proved too heavy - it was sad for all of us. WATCH OUT FOR DANGER WHEN HIKING WITH A DOG THAT ENJOYS CHECKING EVERYTHING OUT.


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