Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unique Pet Names and What They Mean

By Linda Cole

Naming a pet takes time. You want to see what their personality is like so you can pick just the right name, but it's not always easy. You want a name that says something about your pet. A name that's unique yet easy for your pet to learn. When naming a pet, one or two syllables work the best. With the myriad of names available, it's impossible to list them all, so here's a brief list of unique pet names and what they mean.

Unique pet names: A through H

Ani - pronounced ah-nee, this is a female name with origins in Hawaii. It means wave, blow softly or beckon.
Audie - an English name meaning noble strength. It’s a female name; however, Audie Murphy was a famous male soldier who became the most decorated American of WW II and a celebrated movie star after the war.
Beamer - comes from the English and is a male name meaning trumpeter.
Burel - a male name from the French that means reddish brown haired.
Codi - English female name meaning cushion or helpful.
Cormic - Irish male name meaning charioteer.
Daijon – this American name for males means God's gift of hope.
Devan - female name from the French meaning divine.
Eth - Irish male name meaning fire.
Finn - male name from the English that means blond.
Fresco - Spanish male name meaning fresh.
Garda - comes from an unknown origin and is a female name meaning protected.
Garin - means guards or guardian and is a male name from the French.
Hudson – English male name meaning son of the hooded man.
Huxley - male English name which means, from Hugh's meadow.

Unique pet names: I through P

Ida - female Irish name that means thirsty. It's also German and means hardworking.
Ivo – this male name means archer's bow, and comes from the English.
Jalen - an American female name meaning bird of light.
Jayce - female Cherokee name that means strong.
Kaira - female name meaning peaceful, it’s Scandinavian in origin.
Kianni - Irish female name meaning ancient.
Lexy - female Greek name that means defender of mankind.
Lowe - means little wolf, and is a male name from the French.
Murry - male name from the Irish that means lord of the sea.
Malvin - English male name meaning council friend.
Norton - means from the north farm and is a male Anglo-Saxon name.
Nevada - female Spanish name meaning snowy.
Orin - male Greek name meaning son of fire.
Oswin - English male name that means God's friend.
Pax - female name meaning peaceful, it comes from the English.
Phelan - an Irish name for males that means joyful. It's also a Celtic name that means wolf.

Unique pet names: Q through Z

Quarrie - male Scottish name meaning proud.
Quin – of Irish origin, this male name means intelligent and wise.
Riley - Irish female name that means island meadow.
Rooney - means hero and is a male name from the Irish.
Sage - English male name meaning wise one.
Seth - male Hebrew name meaning anointed.
Tate - English name meaning brings joy, and female name from the Irish meaning measure of land.
Teagan - female name from the English that means good-looking.
Valdeze - means fierce one and is a male American name.
Verina - is a German female name meaning protector.
Wyatt - French male name meaning guide.
Yancy - a male Native American name that means Englishman.
Yedda - female name from the English meaning beautiful voice.
Zoey - means life, and is a Greek female name.
Zina - a variation on Xenia, this female name comes from the English meaning welcoming or hospitable.

I like to give my pet's personality time to develop before I settle on a name. Sometimes a name comes to you in the middle of the night or during a phone call. Names can also come from ordinary things like food and drink, pop culture and even garden plants. It doesn't matter where the name comes from; if you're happy with it and won't be embarrassed if you have to wander the neighborhood calling the name out loud, it's the perfect name for your pet.

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  1. Oh I watch a lady on youtube to trains dogs before they go into the working dog program and they had a Dane named Talos and I LOVE it.. Love some o these names too!! great choices!

  2. I like the way you think! You must have had your share of pets in your life time. I really enjoy your articles. Thank you for your knowledge. PSVandel


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