Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Funny Things Cats Do

I love my cats for many different reasons. Number one would have to be because they are such amusing creatures who always make me laugh. There is seemingly no end to the funny things cats do. Then too, their curiously eccentric ways leave me shaking my head, wondering why they do the things they do. I think all cats must lie awake at night, dreaming up odd behaviors that we humans can’t possibly comprehend. To be sure, life with my three crazy cats is never dull. 
I’ve never understood why all my cats all come running at the sound of the can opener. I feed them Felidae cat food, and the can has a pull-tab lid. I’ve never opened a single can of cat food with the can opener, and yet somehow it became associated with cat food. I have gone outside to open a can of vegetables, because I don’t like explaining to my cats (yet again) that I don’t have any cat food and it isn’t time for their dinner. They simply don’t accept this explanation. All my cats must have super-sonic hearing though, because they still hear the can opener even when I use it outside. 
You’d think with a cat’s notorious dislike of water, the sink would be the last place you’d find them curled up for a snooze, but you’d be wrong. In fact, so many cats like to sit or lie in the sink, that there’s an entire website devoted to posting pictures of cats in sinks! And why do cats always follow you into the bathroom every time you go in there to do your business? Worse, they usually push the door wide open when you’re indisposed. Rocky also likes to come in and sit on the edge of the tub when I take a shower. When I’m drying off, he wants to help by licking my leg. Um... thanks anyway, Rocky. 
My cats also find the weirdest places to sleep, like the tiniest box that makes you wonder how they even wedged themselves into the box in the first place. They turn up their noses at the nice cat bed I got them and sleep in places that look (to me) like the most uncomfortable spot imaginable. Mickey will also open my kitchen drawer, dig out some of the dishcloths and towels, and sleep on the remainder of them in the drawer. Crazy cat! I’ve learned not to leave my bottom dresser drawer open even an inch, because he will reach in, hook each sock with his claws and fling them out onto the floor. Actually, I often leave my sock drawer open on purpose because it’s fun to watch him do this, and I get a kick out of seeing all my socks littering the bedroom floor. 
Of all the funny things cats do, the chasing of the tail is probably the most commonplace. All cats chase their tails, and no one really knows why. Round and round they go, and when they finally catch their tail, there’s that ever-brief pause and a look that says, “Now what?” before they let it go, only to chase it again. Huh? And why must kitties lie on top of your newspaper, magazine or book every time you try to read? These things are certifiable cat magnets! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just finished playing with them or petting them, the minute you try to read something your cat will be splayed all over it. Same goes for trying to use the computer. It’s impossible to type with a cat blocking your view of the screen. Worse, cats all know exactly where the “delete” key is, and they love to step on it the minute you’ve finished writing something important. Hmmm. If I could just teach Mickey how to type, I could go curl up in the kitchen drawer for a nap while he wrote my next blog.


  1. Lately I discovered what having a cat is all about. It's not that I didn't have one before, in fact I had many over the years. I had a cat who acted like a baby, sucking on my clothes all day long and loving the dog shewing his head, I had a nasty growling hissing cat who hated my guts, I had a couple of girl cats who used to follow me if I went out on the street, cats with kitten, cats with fleas, I even had a psychic cat, but that is another story. None of them though did anything too 'cat like'. They were most of the time, placid, licking themselves or sleeping. Actually, just sleeping. Until now... We have Esau. Well I never had a cat like that before. I use to pride myself on the very good obedient behaviour of my kitties. None of them ever went on furniture or table or kitchen top. Esau does. None of them scratched anything beside their scratch post, Esau does. None of them stole food from your plate (or your guests), Esau does. One day he even climbed on my husband's head, balancing himself on top to get to my husband's plate. He begs, he rolls around, runs around, jumps around, comes under the duvet, drinks my tea, access my emails, block my laptop screen, understand all the Alt+Ctrl+function keys that makes my keyboard go crazy, he managed today to turn my screen upside down (this took me a while to work that out), he even bidded on ebay and booked a taxi in London. He loves the speaker button on the phone, hasn't learned how to dial 999 but I have hope. His latest game is to kick whatever is on the tea table and get us to pick it up and put it back relentlessy. We get bored before he does. He attacks dogs but is scared of mices (the other cat, the normal one brings them in). He likes having 'raspberry' blowned on his belly (don't ask..), He plays 'dead cat', gets the mail, loves DIY, and all the other crazy things that cats are known to do. We love him...

  2. Anonymous, thank you for your comment -- I have not laughed this hard for a a long, long time!


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