Friday, July 5, 2013

Coolest (Craziest?) Cat-Themed Decorations

By Langley Cornwell

There’s a gal in our neighborhood who is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. Of course, so am I, and we have a good time comparing the many over-the-top things we do for our feline friends. There is one area where she beats me hands-down, however. It’s her house. She has the wildest cat-themed decorations I’ve ever seen. Some are very cool and some can only be described as pure crazy… in a good way.

She wears cat earrings and has a cat scarf. Her house is resplendent with cat artwork - mainly paintings and prints but she does have some cool photography. She also has interesting cat statues. Her office desk is cluttered (don’t tell her I said that) with cat-themed desk accessories. Her kitchen has a soap dispenser in the shape of a cat but one of my favorite things is the cat butt magnets on her refrigerator. In fact, there’s even a hairball magnet. If you ask me, that’s funny.

I asked some online friends if they had cat-themed decorations in their homes. I was surprised at some of their answers.

Lots of friends collect cat figurines. Wendy has cat collectibles as well as a cat door mat and a cat throw. She has a black cat good luck token that her landlady brought her from Ireland that sits above the door frame between the dining room and the kitchen. She also has a cat curtain in her front window (which she says is actually a valance). I’ve never seen feline window treatments so I’d say that qualifies as, well, crazy. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

Almost everyone who responded to my query has cat-decorated drinking mugs. Cate collects figurines and has blankets with cats on them. Virginia no longer has cats, but she has cat ornaments for her Christmas tree that reminds her of them each year. Sweet.

Debbie has a “wrought iron cat that wiggles and wobbles.” I’d like to see that.

Both Deborah and Laurie commented on the fur in their house. Laurie said “we have several artistic cat paintings, prints, posters and drawings adorning our walls. But mostly we have lots of cat FUR adorning our floors.” Hey, if fur counts as decorations then I’m in the club.

There’s a board on Pinterest called Cat Theme Party Ideas. Some people are so creative. There are lots of cat food pins on the board; not actual cat food like the kind made by CANIDAE, but rather human food in the shape or likeness of cats. There are cat-inspired cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, ice cubes, finger sandwiches, pizza and pasta. These don’t necessary qualify as decorations but some of the images are certainly cute.

It seems like the kitchen is the room where many cat-themed decorators concentrate their efforts. We’ve all probably seen cat dish towels, coasters, trivets, mugs and kitchen tool crocks. I ran across a sink strainer with an enamel cat on the knob, a ceramic cat and kitten sponge holder, and a cute kitchen clock where the cat’s wagging tail is a pendulum.

Without much effort, you can be tasteful or outlandish with your cat-themed decorations. So what about you? Do you have cat-themed decorations in your house? If so, what’s the craziest cat thing you have?

Top photo by torbakhopper
Middle photo by FaceMePLS
Bottom photo by Wolfgang Lonien

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  1. the photo on the top left is just gorgeous!! My home office is FULL of cat items!

  2. I love that first picture! Is it a print that's available somewhere for purchase?
    As for crazy cat decorations, I don't think I have anything all that crazy.

  3. I have the Cat Butts magnets...and the Identification Handbook! It's a scream. We have scads of cat decorations but the wildest thing is the 13 cats themselves! Holy Cod, they are EVERYWHERE...

  4. Yes. I have cat themed decorations, but not all were purchased by me. It seems like when you have a cat other people assume you are a crazy cat person and they buy you cat stuff . . .

    Plus animals are so cute. Cats are REALLY cute and their silhouettes make GREAT decorations/art. The "Halloween kitty" or the "S back sit" . . . just GREAT!

    While I don't think it is crazy at all, I think it is really cool, one thing I have is a shower caddy. I hangs over the shower head and it is shaped like a cat. Sadly (I am so sad), I cannot hang it in my shower because it hits the handle. But I love it. It was a gift and I am confident that one day I will have a shower that I will be able to use it in!

    Oh, I know of a crazy cat item -- not decoration, but since you brought up cat butts, someone gave me cat but gum!

  5. I guess I don't have a theme as such, but people keep giving me cat related gifts!!

  6. TW has cat themed pajamas and she collects socks with cats on them. We have cat dish towels and a cat welcome to our house sign. Mostly the house is decorated with cat furniture—mine.

  7. There is not enough room on this blog to list all the cat themed stuff in my house, as my house is a cat house and it's harder to find the human-themed items! I guess the craziest recent item I got was a pair of leopard print pajamas - you know the kind that are made in one piece with the slipper feet built in...

  8. Let's just say that people visiting us for the forst time have noted that we have more framed cat pictures than ones of humans. Ha ha!

  9. I loved that first one too! My Dad isn't a crazy cat lady, but he is a wee bit crazy about us cats!

  10. Oh our human definitely has cat-themed jewelry, shirts, uh...okay mom, we promise not to rat you out TOO much!

  11. surprisingly few! The Human says she likes CATS not cat decorations. But I notice that doesn't stop her from having a few pictures and the occasional trinket. But her decorating scheme doesn't scream Crazy-Cat-Lady--although she kind of is, MOL!


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