Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dog Breed Profile: Dogue de Bordeaux

By Lisa Mason

The Dogue de Bordeaux, also called the Bordeaux Bulldog and French Mastiff, is a very amazing dog. It’s not known exactly how this breed first originated, but some speculate they were linked to breeds like the Bulldog, Tibetan Mastiff and Bullmastiff. What is known for sure is that the Dogue de Bordeaux is a smart breed that has protected his “master” for many years. This Dogue de Bordeaux profile will help you understand the breed better so you can determine if he’s suited for your family. Responsible pet ownership means learning all you can about your pet so that you can provide the best care possible.


The Bordeaux Bulldog is a muscular dog with a gigantic, wrinkled head and a short, stocky body. These features make this French breed a very powerful and intimating dog. They have a medium to short but wide muzzle that averages about a third the length of their head. The nose is big and the upper lip hangs down in thick wrinkles over their lower jaws.

The dog has a loose fold of skin that hangs from his neck, and light or dark brown eyes that are set far apart. He has small ears compared to the rest of his body. The base of his tail is broad but tapers off at the end. He has muscular legs, a broad chest and loose skin.

The adult Dogue de Bordeaux usually weighs between 120 to 150 pounds and stands up to 30 inches high. Their coat varies from light to dark shades of brown and sometimes they’ll have a reddish color mixed in. Around the eyes, nose and lips are usually a darker shade of brown or red, and some dogs will have white marks on the toes and chest area.


The Bordeaux Bulldog is a wonderful breed for any type of family. He’s gentle, calm and one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever encounter. He’s patient but fearless, so he makes an excellent guard dog that will watch over your family and protect you with his life. Don’t let his size and intimidating looks fool you, he’s a gentle creature that would do great with children. However, it is important that you understand the nature of a dog and establish yourself as pack leader before bringing this breed into your home.


This breed of dog needs proper training because he is both fearless and confrontational. You must establish yourself as the leader of the pack or he will assume this role and your life will be chaotic. He needs direction and a leader so he can be the gentle creature he is by nature. When the pack leader is established, order will follow, which is why you need to be calm but firm at all times with your Dogue de Bordeaux.

If possible, he needs to be socialized with people and other animals when he’s a pup. Without socialization, he could become very aggressive when he meets other dogs. Show confidence, be consistent and respect your dog, and he will respect and follow you.

Health Concerns

Unlike many other breeds, the Bordeaux Bulldog doesn’t have a lot of health issues but they do have a habit of snoring and drooling. Their life expectancy is between 10 to 12 years. In some cases, this breed will develop heart problems, hyperkeratosis, epilepsy and they sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia. Female dogs are also prone to having cesareans even though they usually have very small litters.

Grooming and Caring for Your Dog

The Dogue de Bordeaux require very little grooming with the occasional bath to keep his skin clean and coat shiny. They’re an average shedder, but brushing his coat can help to keep it soft and in good shape. It is very important that this breed get plenty of exercise so take him for long walks every day, even when it’s raining or cold.

When outdoors, they are very active but when indoors they tend to be more relaxed and lay around. For this reason, they can live in apartment buildings, condos and other homes that don’t have a backyard, provided they get the proper amount of exercise. If these dogs don’t get enough exercise, they can easily develop behavior problems.

Adult dog photos by Maja Dumat
Puppy photo by heathcliff31416

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  1. That is a great looking dog. I think Obedience school is so good for any puppy for socialization. It is a huge help for the dogs.

  2. Thanks Marg, they are very fine looking dogs. And I agree that obedience school can be great for any dog. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Too Cute! I never heard of this breed before but it sure is a handsome dog. Might big though - 150 pounds is bigger than most humans!


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