Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pet Sitter Wins Six Months of Free CANIDAE Dog Food

The sponsor of this blog, CANIDAE Natural Pet Foods, selects one reader every three months to receive a FREE six month supply of their premium quality pet food. The winner is chosen at random from every new reader who subscribed via email during the past quarter. The lucky winner gets to pick any formula of CANIDAE dog food or FELIDAE cat food.

The most recent winner is Toni G. of Orange, California. Toni is already a CANIDAE fan – she’s been feeding it to her rescue dog Roxy for a few years, and now she’ll get to chow down on a free six-month supply of the food she loves! Toni chose to receive the CANIDAE Chicken & Rice formula.

Here’s what Toni said about herself and her four-legged family members:

“We have one dog and two cats in our family. Our rescue dog, Roxy, is a sweet Aussie-Border Collie mix and she is 6 years old. Roxy has been eating CANIDAE for a few years now and loves it! She gets both dry and canned. I find it keeps her in great health and her coat shiny and thick.

Our dog Bo, a very handsome yellow lab, passed away this past January. Bo, in his golden years, ate CANIDAE Platinum. After trying numerous other brands (and desperately wanting to get him off of prescription food!), I came across CANIDAE and gave it a try. This was the only food he could eat that didn't mess up his delicate system. It was wonderful! Since I saw how well he did on CANIDAE, I transitioned Roxy over too, and she has been on it ever since.

Our cats are Luna, a 6 year old brown tabby and Raya, a 4 month old ginger colored tabby.

Me? Well, I'm the mom who fusses over, spoils, and talks about my babies to anyone who will listen. I've been an animal lover all of my life - heck, I've had them in my life since the day I was born. Maybe that is why I am now a pet sitter. After working in the corporate world and getting laid off 10 years ago, I started a pet sitting service, Happy Tails Pet-Sitting.

I love what I do, and I love all the animals that I care for. I care for them like I care for my own.

I have included some pictures of my “kids.” One is of my kitten Raya trying to eat Roxy's food – she does this every day! She likes to take the kibble out and play with all over the kitchen floor! Bet ya' didn't know that CANIDAE is an excellent cat toy, too!”

Congratulations Toni and Roxy on winning all that dog food!

Want to win some free food for your canine or feline best friend? Be sure to subscribe to the Responsible Pet Ownership blog – you could be the next big winner!


  1. Conga rats Toni G. That is so terrific that you won the food. We really like that last picture with the cat batting the dog food around. Good stuff. Take care.


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