Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Spoil your Cat

I am trying hard to look innocent
By Rocky Williams, Feline Guest Blogger

Let me just say right up front: I am a privileged cat. I know I’m spoiled, and I don’t apologize for that because really, it’s a blessing. The day the Warden took me out of that flea-ridden shack, I didn’t have many hours left. I call that my lucky day – I won the cat lottery, because I came to live with someone who spoils me.

Now, sometimes that word ‘spoil’ is seen as a negative thing, especially when it pertains to children and even at times, dogs and cats. The Warden used to get upset when her mother (not an animal lover!) accused her of spoiling her cats. It stopped bothering her when she realized it was true, but wasn’t something she should be ashamed of. Spoiling your cat is a good thing. I speak from personal experience.

The Warden spoils me by letting me sleep pretty much anywhere I want, even if that’s on her chest and she can barely breathe because I’m such a strapping lad. When I leave my luxurious black fur on her light-colored couch, she doesn’t care. Ditto for whatever she’s wearing. She knows that walking around town covered in cat hair is a badge of honor. She spoils me by stopping whatever she’s doing when I demand my petting time. She believes, and rightly so, that no boring human task could ever be more important than spending quality time with her cat.

The Warden spoils me because when I am naughty, which is often – pretty much every day, all day long – she doesn’t get mad. If I put my paw on her dinner plate hoping to snag some chicken, she just laughs and pushes it away. The day I actually snagged something but unfortunately it was mustard and that promptly got deposited on the couch, she didn’t scold me. Furniture can be cleaned, she says. When I crawl all over her trying to distract her so I can do the grab-and-run with her food, she doesn’t mind that I get cat hair in her mouth or on her plate. It’s edible, right?

One day I swished my big floofy tail in her Caramel Macchiato, and then I flicked the caramel foam all over the carpet. She laughed especially hard that day. The Warden spoils me because she thinks of me as comic relief, a stress buster in kitty form. The Warden knows that being naughty is just my nature, and she loves me in spite of it. Or is that because of it?

When I jump up on the kitchen counter, she doesn’t freak out. Well, not unless there is company over…then she has to pretend she’s aghast and this is the first time her cat has ever done such an awful, unsanitary thing. Ha ha. Who does she think she is fooling? When I upchuck hairballs on the carpet or in her purse (yes, it really happened!), she doesn’t get upset. She just dutifully cleans it up, like any good cat-spoiler would.

The Warden spoils me by giving me the tastiest cat food on the planet. It’s called FELIDAE, and it’s kitty-licious. Of course, she doesn’t think this qualifies as spoiling; she says feeding a quality food is just part of being a responsible pet owner. Whatever! All I know is that it tastes great, keeps my fur shiny and my body healthy, and helps me be the most handsome mancat in the hood.

The Warden spoils me by letting me be just a cat, which means being waited on paw and foot, and not having a care in the world. She cleans my litter box every day, and when kitty litter gets stuck between my toe floof, she washes it off so I don’t have to. She keeps the house nice and warm for my comfort, and she places a padded blanket in front of the heater just for me.

Ah, such is the life of a spoiled cat. It’s really quite grand, and if a genie popped out of a bottle and gave me just one wish, I’d wish that every kitty in every city all over the world could be a spoiled cat like me!

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  1. Happy Cat in the Hat day to YOU Rocky!!
    You are NOT spoiled... You are LOVED.

  2. Frankie is right, that is not spoiled, that is just as it should be!

  3. It sounds like you have your warden well-trained, Rocky!

  4. Hi Rocky! We really enjoyed your post, handsome boy. "Spoiled" is the same thing as "loved" at our house, too! Hugs to you and the Warden. :)

  5. That was such a terrific post and oh so darn true. That is not spoiling, it is just being good friends with your fur friend. I love that post. Take care

  6. I am a spoiled cat, and what's even better is I'm an UNGRATEFUL spoiled cat, ha ha meow!

  7. Wow, you has a great Warden for sure Rocky! So does I! Great post!

    Your buddy Cloon

  8. Comic relief, that's the answer right there. So, as long as we're funny, we can get away with anything, right??


  9. Warden - you are a gal after my own heart and I loved your post. There is no such thing as spoiling in our house, it's just called "we love our cats each and everyday and everything they do is special and precious!!"

  10. Spoiled? We think not, Rocky. You are getting what you deserve!!

  11. We didn't know what spoiled meant because we thought that was normal! We're all "normal" around here too!

  12. Love and spoil. The two words are synonymous in this house too. Had to laugh at the kitchen counter. When Austin does that when company is here, I say "Oh No! he NEVER EVER does that normally" lol

  13. Hmmm, sounds to me like Rocky is getting the love and attention he deserves. What's a little cat hair in the food. Finding human hair in food is gross! As far as the kitchen counter goes, I thought that's what the counter was for - a place for kitties to hang out while waiting for food! lol

  14. I used to get offended when people said the my cat was spoiled, too. But I think that my cat is a good cat and she deserves spoiling. Although I am also a firm believer in the fact that animals are animals and they don't belong on places where humans eat and prepare food, so I also believe in disciplining my cat and teacher her what is acceptable CAT (yes, she is a cat) behavior and what is not. Just as I would a child. On the same note that she is animal she does do cat things because she is a cat and that must be expected and accepted. But just like children they can be spoiled or they can be spoiled brats that no one likes to be around. It is the owner's and or the parent's choice to decide what kind of pet / child they will raise.


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