Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Questions to Ask Your Vet

By Suzanne Alicie

As a responsible pet owner, you know that you should take your dog or cat to the vet for regular checkups or if they show signs of being sick, but there’s more to it than just taking the animal in. You should also ask your vet questions and pay close attention to the answers, because it could save your pet’s life. It could also save you a lot of sorrow and expense.

Question #1

No matter what kind of dog or cat you have, you should always ask your vet if there are any breed specific conditions or illnesses to watch out for and attempt to prevent. This may include hip dysplasia, skin conditions and other dangerous or even fatal problems that you should keep in mind as you raise your pet.

Question #2

How much exercise should my pet get? This may seem like an easy question if you have a dog – you know your dog needs to play and go for regular walks, but how can you make sure your cat is getting enough exercise? Some people do walk their cats (see How to Leash Train Your Cat for pointers); others just make an effort to play with them daily. Your vet can also give you tips to help ensure that your pet is not only getting the right amount of exercise, but also the right type of exercise.

Question #3

What types of plants should I avoid in my yard and home to make sure my pet is safe? There are many plants that are toxic to animals, and there are some that are beneficial to pets. Catnip is a plant that many cat owners keep a small patch of to entertain their felines, and daisies are known to keep fleas away so having them in your yard is a good thing.

Question #4

What is a healthy diet for my pet? What type of food should I be feeding my pet? How much should I feed my pet? What are the signs of a food allergy? All of these questions should be presented to your vet in order to make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition and to avoid allergies and stomach or digestive problems. CANIDAE offers ten different formulas for dogs including four grain free options and a new Single Grain Protein Plus formula; FELIDAE has five different formulas for cats, including two grain free varieties.

Question #5

What vaccinations should I consider for my pet? Does my pet need vitamins or supplements? Both of these questions are important. Some vaccines aren’t mandatory and most supplements aren’t mandatory but may help prevent illnesses and conditions such as heartworm, corona virus and Lyme disease.

Because you love your pet and want them to be happy and healthy, you will want to discuss their health with your veterinarian each time you take them in. Conditions and illnesses can arise quickly, and your vet is the most reliable and trustworthy source of information on your pet’s health.

All of us at the Responsible Pet Ownership blog love our pets and can offer some advice and tips for pet care, but any decision you make concerning your pet’s health should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Photo by Ubon

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  1. these are great reminders even for those of us who have had pets for over a quarter of a century! lol. Sometimes we forget, and these are just great. Novice pet owners will find these questions to be super helpful!

  2. That is some great information for all of us. Great post.

  3. Excellent information. It's also good to make a list so no question is forgotten!



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