Saturday, November 20, 2010

Humor: Eight Reasons Your Dog Adores You

By Tamara L. Waters

Your dog loves you. Better yet, he absolutely adores you. There are many reasons why he thinks you are the best, but here are eight to start with.

Your Affection

Your dog loves affection from you. Whether it's a quick scratch between the ears or a leg-thumping back or belly scratch, your dog loves you for the physical affection you give him. Keep your dog happy by bestowing plenty of affection and attention on him, and he will reward you with his adorable antics and a slimy tongue in your ear.

Those Delicious Trash Cans

You dog adores you because of the wonderfully aromatic and delicious things you keep stashed in the garbage can or trash bag, just for him! He loves that you save wonderful “treats” and make him work for them, because as we all know, the anticipation and effort to get to those trash-can treats make them even tastier.

Your Bed

Sure, you might think your dog doesn't jump up on your bed, but the truth is, when you're not looking he's making himself at home. He loves you because you tolerate his bed hopping and when he sleeps with you at night, he loves that you don't mind sleeping on a tiny sliver of the bed while he sprawls out and gets comfortable.

You Clean Up After Him

What a great thing it is to have someone who will clean up every mess you make! Most dogs are lousy housekeepers and don't do well with cleaning up after themselves. They leave their business in a pile in the yard, then simply walk away from it. What do you do? You clean it up. What's not to love?

Your Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor is a source of great treasure and your dog loves it. Not only does he love your kitchen floor but he loves you for not cleaning it immediately. Your dog will sniff around and find all the tidbits you drop and consider them a wonderful treat. This is a give-and-take part of your relationship. You can rest assured your dog will help you clean your kitchen floor (despite the fact that he is a terrible housekeeper) as long as you continue to drop bits of food now and then. It's a win-win situation.

You Don't Mind His Snoring

Sure, you probably complain about the log sawing your spouse does, but how about your dog? Dog snoring is much more endearing than human snoring. In truth, your dog doesn't care about his own snoring, or your snoring either for that matter. He loves you for tolerating his little habits.

You Put Up with His Gas

It might be a small thing, but your dog adores you for putting up with his smelly farts. Not only do you put up with the noxious odors that come from your pooch, you actually laugh about it. “Oh man! Bowser, now why did you do that? Hahaha – oh that's awful!” If your child or spouse passed gas that peeled the skin off of your face, you wouldn't be laughing. When your dog does it, you smile, pat his head and hold your breath while telling him how special he is. He really does love you for it.

You Take Care of Him

It's a dog's life… and it's really great. Your dog doesn't have to do anything, except eat, sleep, poop, play and hang out. You even give him CANIDAE Snap Biscuit® dog treats and affection. He doesn't have to clean his room, clean up after himself, take out the trash, get a job, do homework, do laundry or anything else except just be a dog. Yep, he loves you for it!

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  1. So true, funny that we will put up with all that from a dog but would kick a man to the curb for the same things. I guess we know that a dog doesn't know any better and a man should be able to be trained better than a dog.

  2. LOL...this was so funny, and so true....Carlos my mini-schnauzer is my best friend and he does all of the above....but, gives me unconditional love all the's a good thing he can't talk because boy would he have a story to tell...thanks for the insight!!!


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