Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cute Things Pets Do

By Linda Cole

There's just no getting around it – pets are so darn cute, even when they've done something they shouldn't have. They're as bad as kids when they give us that adorable little grin with eyes that say, “I'm sorry.” You can't help but laugh when you think about all the cute things pets do.

It's been said that you can laugh with a cat, but never let them know you're laughing at them. They hate being laughed at, but when you find a cat hanging upside down on the screen door staring at you with a frazzled look, it's cute.

A cat is the perfect clown, and they do the funniest things. A cat can sleep anywhere, and it's not uncommon to find one curled up in the bathroom sink or in a box. Apparently, the smaller the box, the more comfortable it is for sleeping. Talk about being packed in like a sardine! I've found cats curled up in a skillet on the stove, in small bowls, draped over a dog, hugging each other while sleeping, and in every odd position or place a cat can get themselves into.

It's unfortunate we can't set the cat like we can an alarm clock. Who needs that irritating buzzing contraption when you have a cat who gets hungry around dawn and isn't shy about sitting on your face to get you up. It may not seem like a cute thing at the time, but since we're wrapped around their paw, we get out of bed and follow them to the kitchen. It was almost time to get up anyway. I had a cat who would turn my alarm clock off when it buzzed. Try explaining that one to your boss when you're late for work. Another cat loved to sit on the stove and turn on the timer.

The facial expressions of our pets are priceless. Such as, the look that says “You really don't expect me to eat that?” when the food isn't to their liking. My dogs don't like going out in the rain, so I have to go outside and encourage them to join me. One day, I turned around to see them sitting just inside the door, looking at me like I didn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain. They looked at me and then looked at each other, and I'm sure I heard one say, “Are you crazy? You do know it's raining, right?”

The cutest cat expression is the grimacing face of a cat trying to determine what they're smelling. The best expression is the “I meant to do that” look. Yeah, like I'm supposed to believe you meant to fall off the couch while you were asleep. That's worth some giggles for sure.

Since I have both cats and dogs, a lot of the cute things they do come from them interacting with each other. One of my cats loves stalking sleeping dogs. He slowly sneaks up on one, wiggles his backside, calculates his leap and springs on the dog's tail. The dog's look is always the same: “Isn't it time we found that cat a home?”

One of the cutest things pets do is when they've done something wrong, especially if the wrongdoer is a dog. I came home from work one afternoon to a living room floor covered in pillow stuffing that was couch pillows when I left for work in the morning. The two pillow shredders were found hiding away from the scene of the crime. The look on their faces was so cute, I couldn't help but laugh as I pictured flying feathers and happy dogs having the time of their lives playing tug of war with the pillows.

I had a cat who always followed me into the bathroom. He would sit and watch, and I guess he was learning. One day I went into the bathroom and there he was, perched on the toilet doing his business. I was pleased he had potty trained himself, but it wasn't nearly as cute when I had to wait for my turn. At least he didn't take the newspaper in with him.

Puppies tripping on their over-sized feet, kittens timing a jump that comes up just a wee bit short, cats sticking their head out between the curtains, and dogs eating a peanut butter sandwich are some of the cute things pets do that are good for a laugh or two. The next time you're feeling blue, watch your pet and I bet it won't be long before they bring a smile to your face. And just in case you missed it, here's another article on the funny things cats do.

What are some of the cute things your pets do?

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  1. I believe that my cat actually does things to entertain US. We sometimes thing that playing with the string with her entertains HER, but I really think it doesn't all the time and she just plays along for our sake.

  2. This is really true. Our cats facial expression are sometimes quite hilarious but compared to dogs they more temperamental. I also laughed about what you said about their reaction when it comes to their food. Cats are quite more snobbish if they really don't want the food that you are offering to them.


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