Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is it Possible to Read Your Pet's Mind?

By Linda Cole

Pet psychics believe the average owner can read their pet's mind if they really want to. Animal Planet ran a series called the Pet Psychic that was popular for awhile. I watched each episode wanting to believe Sonya Fitzpatrick’s claim that she could read animal's minds. I guess I was one of the skeptics and yes, I have tried to communicate telepathically with my pets. But is it as farfetched as it sounds? Is it possible to read your pet's mind with the right knowledge and practice?

I would love to know what my dogs and cats are thinking. It's possible that the times I tried to talk with one of my pets they just didn't have anything to say to me. After all, I have times when I don't feel like talking. Maybe our pets don't talk to us because we are skeptical about having an ability to read a pet's mind. I suppose it's possible pets could refuse to establish telepathic communications with us because we have to hear it to believe it and they figure it's just a waste of their time. Whatever the case may be, pet psychics do believe all of us have the power to read our pet's mind, but we have to truly believe before it can happen.

If you want to try to read your pet's mind, find a quiet place where you can concentrate with your pet in front of you. Even though you may not be able to read their mind, it's a fun exercise to experiment with and you and your pet can spend some quality time together – and that's never a bad thing.

Pet psychics pretty much all agree that there are steps we need to follow to open up the mind to all that's possible. It's important to clear out all the clutter in our head so telepathic communications can take place. I was once told by a friend of mine who is a pet psychic that animals are more tuned into our thoughts than we are to theirs. We just aren't very good at listening for their call. That may be true, but I don't necessarily agree that we can't hear them because we aren't listening.

If you'd like to try reading your pet's mind, begin by believing in yourself and your psychic abilities. This is how my pet psychic friend instructed me. The human mind is complex, and we don't use all of our brain power. Who knows what's lurking in the shadows of our minds just waiting to be discovered.

Begin by thinking of your pet as being on the same level as you. Don't assume that just because they aren't like us they don't have something to say we might understand. Before trying to read your pet's mind, meditate for a good 15 minutes to focus your mind. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, so it's something good to do regardless. Sit back, relax and let your mind take you to a place that's peaceful.

When you're ready to start, sit with your pet in front of you and notice their expressions, their body language and their reactions. This is supposed to help you focus into your pet's thoughts. If you do hear what they are thinking, it can be in thoughts, feelings or pictures that are projected from them to you. At this point you should only ask simple questions and expect a simple answer in return. If it turns out you do discover you can read your pet's mind, keep going on a daily basis for best results. Don't forget to tell them goodbye when you are ending the conversation so they know you are finished talking.

I have to admit, I'm a skeptic even though I personally know a pet psychic. We were coworkers for a time in the same company. I do think she believes she can read a pet's mind. Maybe there are folks who have an acute sensitivity to pets most of us don't have or they are just better at taking their minds to a place we can't. Whatever the case may be, I have tried many times to read my pets’ minds and have never been successful. Some people may be able to read a pet's mind, but I'm not one of them. Maybe one day one of my sessions will pay off. Nevertheless, I don't need to have a conversation with my pets to understand them, and they know by how I treat them that they are respected and loved – and that's good enough for me!

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  1. I feel so connected to my little Bonnie sheltie that I "feel" like I can read her mind. But who knows...seems she certainly is able to read mine! Really interesting post!

  2. I think if you know your pet well enough you can pretty much tell what they are thinking. That was a very good post with good information.

  3. It would be awesome if there was technology that could translate our pet's language into ours...


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