Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can Pets See Ghosts?

By Linda Cole

Non pet people and skeptics scoff whenever a discussion of pets and ghosts is brought up. Maybe you laughed, too. But then again - maybe you didn't. Pets could have a sensitivity to psychic and spiritual energy we humans tend to ignore. They have no idea what keeping an open mind means; therefore, there's nothing to cloud their mind with what they may see right in front of them. Most pet owners have seen their pet stare intently at a staircase or a spot on the ceiling or wall. It appears they are watching something, but we see nothing. Is it possible our pets sense spirits or ghosts we can't or won't see. Can pets really see ghosts?

Compared to us, our pets have phenomenal senses we can't come close to. Their hearing is far superior to ours. They can sniff out cancer in people and find hidden explosives. They know, sometimes hours before we do, that a storm is brewing and they need little light to navigate around the furniture in the living room. But can they see ghosts? According to some paranormal researchers, it is possible that pets do sense ghostly encounters both from the human world and animal world.

American Indians believe everything that has been created has a spiritual energy. They believe we all have animal spirits we can see if we take the time to seek them out and accept them. Even if we never acknowledge the existence of an animal spirit or any other guide from another dimension, our guide remains with us throughout our lives. This guide will help in many different areas depending on our need. If pets can really see ghosts, it would make sense they could also see an animal or spirit guide.

We may scoff at the thought of ghosts or other spirits roaming among us, but it doesn't mean our pets aren't aware of what we refuse to see. There are many mysteries to life we can't explain and there's no definitive testing we can use to prove if ghosts share our dimension. Pets, on the other hand, don't try to analyze or examine evidence. They see what they see. If pets really can see ghosts, the only way they can tell us is by their head and eye movements or odd behavior as they follow something through a room or up a staircase.

Of course, dogs who suddenly jump at the back door and bark or growl into the night might be doing it because they see a reflection in the window. A smell or a sound unheard by us may have alerted the dog to an animal moving outside in the dark or a far away bark of another dog. The cat staring up at the ceiling may be watching a tiny spider or bug crawling that we can't see. Perhaps they see a silky strand from an old cobweb that's broken free from its attachment in some corner. There are lots of other explanations besides ghosts.

On the other hand, I've seen my share of odd behavior from pets. More than once I've wondered if my pets can see ghosts. I had an experience shortly after moving into my home where my dog growled and bristled at a corner in the living room for no reason. My cat would avoid one wall in the same room. I caught him more than once sitting across the room staring at the wall. I've wondered about that area myself at times. I could hear a knocking coming from that wall whenever I was in my office working. Stepping out into the living room, I expected to see one of my pets scratching their ears and hitting the wall with their leg. It wasn't them. The knocking stopped one day and has never returned, and none of my current pets have a problem with that particular wall.

Of course we can't prove if pets can really see ghosts, or if ghosts even exist, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Anyone who has witnessed their pet showing odd behavior for no apparent reason and then suddenly returning to normal can only wonder what caused them to act differently. I don't know if pets can see ghosts, but I do know something does catch their attention now and then that I can't see. I've heard it said our pets are guardian angels who never really leave us, and keep returning to be there when we need them. I don't know if that's true, but I do know pets are amazing creatures. It wouldn't surprise me if pets can see ghosts or if they are indeed guardian angels.

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  1. we have experienced this with our little dog
    he was for the longest time sitting on the floor beside the couch just staring at the eating as if someone was sitting there but there was no one it was the same time every day just as if a visitor was sitting there and he wanted to be with them..we always joked about it saying my dad spirit was here visiting with us watching tv as he wold have loved this little dog ...


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