Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Lap Dogs

By Anna Lee

When I was a little girl I wanted a dog that would sit on my lap while I watched TV or read a book. We didn’t get a small dog; we got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever instead. As an adult I wound up with an 80 pound lab that ‘thinks’ she is a lap dog. I have the room for a large dog, both inside and outside, and am a fan of large dogs. Many people, however, would prefer a small dog, and in particular a lap dog.

According to Wikipedia, “A lapdog is a dog that is small enough to be held in the arms or lay comfortably on a person's lap. Lapdogs are not a specific breed, but a generic term for a type of dog of small size and friendly disposition.”

Following are some suggestions for the best lap dogs. If you want your pooch to curl up with you and relax, to keep you company, these dogs will do the trick.

The Pug is affectionate, loving, and has a happy disposition with a wonderful personality. They are sensitive to the tone of your voice. Pugs are very devoted dogs. You do need to let them know that you are the boss as they have a mind of their own. They weigh anywhere from 13 to 20 pounds.

The American Cocker Spaniel is a great choice and a versatile dog that fares well as a gun dog or a house dog. They do need discipline and daily exercise. They respect their master. They are a little difficult to housebreak, but they get along well with other dogs. The Cocker Spaniel can weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds, which is a good weight for lap sitting!

The Toy Poodle is said to be the breed that is the easiest to train. They like to be with people and are perky and lively. Toy Poodles love to run around outside, but once inside they are very calm. They weigh about 6-9 pounds. They need frequent baths, and they need to be clipped every 6 weeks. All that cuteness requires more grooming!

The Whippet looks similar to the Greyhound and is slender but hardy. This breed is intelligent, lively, affectionate, sweet, and docile. This devoted companion is quiet and calm in the home and willing to sit with you. Whippes should never be roughly trained, for they are extremely sensitive both physically and mentally. They are good with children, odor free and extremely clean dogs. At 25-40 pounds, the Whippet is a little bigger than the other lap dogs.

The Lhasa Apso is another adorable little lap dog who is very affectionate with its owners. They have excellent hearing and make wonderful guard dogs for their size! Lhasa Apsos are generally suspicious of strangers and not very well suited to kids, and tend to fight with other dogs. They weigh about 13-15 pounds.

If you are more of a non-exercise type person who enjoys relaxing, then get yourself a cute little lap-lover, curl up while reading a book or watching TV, and while away the time!

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  1. That was great to compare the different breeds and their personalities, grooming needs, etc. That will make anyone's decision a lot easier when looking for a lap dog. Thanks!


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