Saturday, August 1, 2009

Responsible Pet Ownership – What it Means to Me

By Anna Lee

When we become pet owners we become the caretakers of those pets. We, the humans, are the responsible ones – it is up to use to do the right thing. We need to make sure we provide healthy and quality food, such as the CANIDAE® Beef and Fish Formula dry dog food, now in a re-sealable bag. We also need to provide proper vet care, discipline when necessary, and give love all the time no matter what.

Anything worth having is worth the work involved. A puppy needs your time and your involvement. Older dogs require even more time and work. There is a financial responsibility in pet ownership. Take all these things into consideration before getting a pet. Once you have one your life will change, and it will change for the good!

What does the phrase “responsible pet ownership” mean to you? Being a pet owner brings responsibilities that you cannot and should not ignore. I have some thoughts on responsible pet ownership, and I have chosen to pass them along in my own unique way, in the form of a poem. This style of poetry uses the first letter of each line to spell out another message, i.e., “Responsible Pet Ownership.”

Reality is taking care of your pet even if you don’t feel well.
Every day is a new opportunity to love your pet.
Sensible feeding habits will produce a healthy dog or cat.
Plan to spend quality time with your pet each and every day.
Only buy age and size appropriate toys for your pets.
Never give your dog bones of any type.
Share the love, get a rescue pet.
Instead of people food, give your dog CANIDAE Snap-Bits® treats.
Be the best pet owner you can be.
Life is full of challenges - like housebreaking!
Enrich your life with a pet.

Pets need food, water, shelter, medical care and lots of love.
Even though you may want a puppy, adopt an older dog.
Training is hard work, but it will pay off in the long run.

Only you make your dog’s eyes smile.
When you are feeling sad, your dog will make you feel good again.
Nothing says love more than a wet sloppy kiss from a pet.
Everyone loves double fun; get two puppies or two kittens!
Research shows petting an animal reduces our blood pressure.
Show the world what it means to be a responsible pet owner.
How you treat your pets reflects your personality.
Invest in quality items for your pets; they'll stand the test of time.
Pets – we need them in our lives!

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