Friday, March 13, 2009

Fostering Animals - Jasper

There’s something to be said for fostering pets....
Let me share my own foster experience with you – and bear in mind – I’m the most neurotic, over-protective animal person in the world. Seriously. If you knew me, you would understand that I’m not exaggerating here. I also “keep” everything – from worn out shoes to stray kittens. 
So I really believed that fostering was not for me. I thought that I would have problems giving up two beautiful puppies that I bottle-fed every two hours for 3 weeks and later potty-trained and taught tricks too. 
Turns out, I was wrong. 
Oh – I’m not saying it wasn’t difficult, because it was. But, I was working with a strong, reputable rescue that I trusted and I knew that it would be unfair to keep the pups when I already had three large dogs (and 18 cats) of my own. So when I was ready, I released them for adoption. 
I just got an email from the adoptive parents of Jasper and I couldn’t be more proud. His new family has glowing recommendations about him, he’s got his own toys, his own bed, his own bowls and even his own cat! (Okay, maybe not his own cat, but the cat is still a playmate.)
He’s become a traveler. He’s been to the Grand Canyon, North Carolina (cross country trip, even) and has seen the snow. These are all things that I never would have been able to give him because let’s face it, loading three hundred-plus pounds of dog in your car and controlling them while you’re driving is not for the feint of heart. 
And that is Jasper’s story. Am I happy that I rescued the little guy? You bet. Was it worth the time and energy I put in to save a “mutt”? Just ask his new owners. I think they will agree that he’s one of the best things that’s happened to them… 
Fostering is not easy, but boy – when it works out like this has, it’s sure worth it… 
I want to encourage our readers to foster a puppy or kitten (or an adult dog or cat who has fallen on hard times) today.  Yes, I know you get attached. Yes, I know it’s hard to let them go. But trust me, when you hear about the outcomes that go along with fostering, it’s well worth the effort.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about Jake who had a very different outcome but is just as great of a story!
Contact your local animal control or rescue association and find out how you can help an animal.
Find an adoptable pet in your area at!

Stacy Mantle


  1. You did a great job. I wish there were more people out there like you. My rescue group, Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary, has 200 cats and dogs in foster homes and couldn't exist without people like you.

  2. I've been fostering for nearly 3 years and have fostered 26 pups to date. Fostering is the best and worst job in the entire world, but it's the most rewarding thing to know that you helped that pup survive and find a great forever home. Kudos to all foster moms and dads!


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