Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flying High with Pets

From sea to land to air, we are looking at the best ways to travel with your pets this week. Today is a spotlight on JetBlue Airlines and their “JetPaws” program designed specifically for high-flyin’ pets. They even offer pets who sign up for the free program a specialized list of p’etiquette tips, a pet travel guide, and when they are ready to board their flight, a new bag tag that lets everyone know your pet is fully content to board that flight!
All parts of their planes are fully pressurized and temperature controlled to ensure that your pets receive the best care and are purr-fectly safe while in-flight.
If you really want to fit in with the JetBlue crowd, pick up a new custom collar from the airline’s custom design, a specialty pet travel kit, or maybe even a stylish pet carrier that offers the ultimate luxury for jet-setting canines and felines. All are available from JetBlue’s line of custom pet products.
Another favorite of ours is the Midwest Air Premier Pet Program. Earn frequent flyer points for your pets as they accompany you to your next vacation spot. They’ve even teamed up with Drs. Foster & Smith to offer you some luxury deals on all of your pet travel needs. Whether you choose their “In-Cabin” or “Below cabin” specials, your pets are sure to experience the same luxury service as they have all become accustomed too.
No matter what your dream vacation is, there is a luxury destination out there that will host both you and your pets in the way you’ve become accustomed.

Stacy Mantle

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